Cartridge portrait: Norma Ecostrike, the lead-free alternative for hunting all European cloven-hoofed game

The Norma Ecostrike is the lead-free bullet of choice for hunting medium to large cloven-hoofed game, as it expands excellently at both low and high velocities – in other words, the perfect all-round bullet when lead-free shooting is required. 

Geschosse Komponenten
These three Norma Ecostrike calibers are also available as reloading components: .308 Winchester in 9.7 and 10.7 g (indistinguishable in the photo), and the 8 mm (.323) on the right. 
The design factors of the Norma Ecostrike bullet in sectional view.

The aerodynamic polymer tip ensures on the one hand a high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) and on the other hand a rapid deformation of the Ecostrike bullet. It also has four "splitting zones" to always mushroom evenly. The redesigned  groove design around the waist reduces bearing surface and maximizes velocity, while the boat tail has been re-designed to also increase BC and achieve maximum wind resistance. To enable reloaders to take advantage of the Ecostrike benefits, the bullets are now also available as components.

The wound channel in gelatin block shows that the Norma Ecostrike releases its energy immediately after entry (bullet entry from the left). There are three informative videos about this on the Norma website:  : VIDEO: Effect in a gelatin block of an Ecostrike bullet in .308 Winchester at 25, 100 and 150 m. 

Properties of Norma Ecostrike lead-free hunting ammunition

  • Developed to achieve the very good properties of the classic Norma Oryx lead bullet
  • Convincing energy output on target thanks to high bullet velocity and high BC value
  • Available in a wide range of calibers (currently there are 18 different loads) 

In the 4th quarter of 2022, the two popular 6.5x55 SE and 6.5 Creedmoor loads will be added, both with 120-gr bullets (7.8 g). Three dedicated suppressed loads are also available, distinguishable at a glance from normal ammunition by black-colored cases, as always with Norma. Here, the Norma Ecostrike Silencer is available in .30-06 Springfield (9.7 g), in 8x57 JS (10.4 g) and in the classic .308 Winchester with 9.7 g bullet weight.

Übersicht Laborierungen
Overview of the 18 loads available to date. The 6.5x 5 SE and 6.5 Creedmoor will be added in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Info on the Norma Ecostrike and other Norma bullets

This is what Norma itself says about its products: “Whether you hunt around the world or around the bend, Norma has an offering made for you. Our lineup is not just based on our capabilities. It’s dedicated to your needs. What one needs in southern Alabama is completely different than a highland hunter traversing Europe’s most rugged peaks. But neither one is more important than the other. And each brings their perspective to the table. Our Dedicated Hunting lineup features the latest technologies in advanced bullet and ammunition development that you and your fellow hunter need. No matter the caliber, size of game, weather conditions or person pulling the trigger, we know a shot well-placed with Norma is another successful hunt.”

Further information about the other hunting loads in Norma offer:

Patronen und Geschosse
Norma Ecostrike – the lead-free alternative for hunting medium to large game. 

Norma Ecostrike on the Norma website (lead-free hunting ammunition)

Cartridge portrait: Norma Tipstrike (classic hunting ammunition with lead bullets)

Cartridge portrait: Norma Bondstrike (long range precision ammunition)

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