GECO STAR – a new, lead-free deformation bullet with maximum penetration over almost all ranges

The lead-free GECO Star deformation bullet is characterised by maximum penetration and high residual weight. It's 100% copper and has a high level of inherent accuracy, which is ensured in particular by the bullet pre-fragmentation performance grooves, as well as the ultra-modern manufacturing with extremely tight tolerances.

GECO Star is a new lead-free deformation bullet with high residual weight.

GECO Star – The "dynamic deformation bullet". What does the manufacturer mean by this?

The brand new GECO Star is the optimal copper bullet for all hunters who have to or want to hunt lead-free and who value good game recovery. The new GECO Star bullet is particularly suitable for hunting small to medium game. Thanks to the hollow point, the bullet mushrooms reliably at almost all hunting ranges. With the GECO Star, the manufacturer is further expanding its lead-free line and offers the hunter even more flexibility. This is what the manufacturer means when it speaks of "dynamic".

Depending on the area of use and caliber, you can then either fall back on the lead-free GECO Zero partial fragmentation bullet or on the new, mass-stable deformation bullet GECO Star.

The GECO Star cartridge with 100% copper bullet in .300 Win. Mag. Caliber.
Article No.
Bullet weight [g/gr]Contents per pack
Price per pack in euro
2413833.308 Win.
10.7 / 16520
2413835.30-06 10.7 / 16520
2413836.300 Win. Mag. 10.7 / 16520

* RRP in Germany incl. 19% VAT .

The introduction of further calibers is planned, the manufacturer said in a press release on the new product.

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