Trabaldo Titanial Warrior Pro and Invictus: new line pants

At the HIT 2018 Trabaldo booth there is no shortage of new products for those who practice active hunting encountering the most varied and difficult environments.

A further step forward to guarantee resistance, protection and comfort during hunting has been carried out by the research department of Trabaldo company, that presented a new complete line – the 19000 Titanial – whose name derives from the technologies and materials used.

On this occasion we are talking about the two pants included in the line, the Warrior Pro and the Invictus models. These pants already in their names express the company's intention to offer technical garments that enable the wearer to overcome any climatic and environmental difficulty.

Trabaldo Titanial Warrior Pro pants

The Trabaldo Warrior Pro hunting pants from the Titanial line.
The Trabaldo Warrior Pro trousers from the Titanial line, resistant and breathable, dedicated to active hunting, also available in non-waterproof version.

The Trabaldo Warrior Pro trousers from the Titanial line are resistant and breathable, being dedicated to active hunting. They are also available in the non-waterproof version.

Thanks to their slim fit and great freedom of movement offered by stretch fabrics, Warrior Pro pants are suitable for all those hunters who are constantly on the move. These stretch pants use Titanial technology for the front reinforcements.

At present, Titanial is the top in fabrics that combine lightness and transpiration with extreme tear and snagging resistance.

Composed of a mix of high-tenacity fibers including Dyneema, 15 times stronger than steel, Titanial is a new breakthrough in terms of weight reduction and high resistance that the hunting world needs to improve durability performances and comfort in daily use.

The Comfort Zone on the lumbar area ensures more freedom of movement, while the Top Fix allows hunters to replace the gaiters by hooking up the boots. This Trabaldo pants are available in the waterproof Warrior Pro and non-waterproof Warrior versions.

Trabaldo Titanial Invictus pants

The Trabaldo Invictus hunting pants
The Trabaldo Invictus pants have been created for the temperate climate of the first phase of the hunting season, a compromise between a light pants and a waterproof one.

The Trabaldo Invictus pants have been created for the temperate climate during the early stages of the hunting season – a compromise between fresh and light pants and a waterproof garment.

Invictus pants are indicated for the first hunting trips of the season, when the temperatures in the central hours of the day are high, but in the morning the dew covers the undergrowth.

When you need pants that are fresh and can protect from the humidity of the undergrowth at the same time. These pants are the link between waterproof and non-waterproof pants.

The entire front and bottom legs are in fact waterproof thanks to the Rainsystem membrane, leaving the remaining areas free to breathe.

This allows hunters to remain dry while advancing in the grass, without giving up the freshness of unlined pants.

To speed up the release of heat and sweating the Invictus pants feature a zipped side opening.

The Comfort Zone is also present on the lumbar area to give more freedom of movement to the hunter, as well as the Top Fix for hooking-up boots and so replacing gaiters.

The fabrics used are the same of the Titanial series, with all the lightness, transpiration and resistance to tear and snagging features we already know. 

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