Factory visit with video: how a Sordin Supreme X-Pro is manufactured and what makes the innovative hearing protector so special 

At the major spring trade fairs of 2023, such as the SHOT Show in Las Vegas or the IWA in Nuremberg, the Swedish company Sordin, which is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic earmuffs, presented the Supreme Pro-X series active hearing protection models equipped with the new HEAR2 sound system for the first time. Before we explain what makes the difference between the previous Supreme Pro-X models and the new 2023 versions, let's take a brief look at the manufacturer Sordin and its production facilities. In the meantime, the all4hunters.com team has had the opportunity to take a look at production lines at the Sordin site in Värnamo. In our video, you can see step by step how a Sordin Supreme-Pro-X is made from a whole series of individual parts, until it finally ends up in the redesigned, more environmentally friendly sales packaging. 

In addition to these three cup colors, the Sordin Supreme Pro-X models with headband are also available with black cups. All Supreme Pro-X models manufactured since 2023 feature the new HEAR2 sound system with four sound profiles designed to cover every hunting situation. 

Speaking of sustainability: Sweden continues to play a leading role in the areas of sustainability and climate protection, as well as in terms of health care and occupational safety for workers. So it's no wonder that a globally active Swedish company like Sordin sets high standards for itself and its products when it comes to these issues. Especially as the company itself is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide when it comes to "above the neck" personal protective equipment, and this naturally includes electronic earmuffs for industry, mining, construction and civil engineering, the military and law enforcement, rescue services, forestry, gardening and landscaping and, of course, hunting and shooting sports in particular. 

All Sordin electronic hearing protectors, such as the Supreme Pro-X, are manufactured at the Sordin factory in Värnamo in southern Sweden

The Sordin plant at the Värnamo electronics site in southern Sweden serves as the production facility for the active earmuffs in the Sordin Supreme Pro-X and Pro series.

Sordin has more than 30 years of experience in the field of protective equipment. In 1985, the company started developing protective equipment in Vikmanshyttan in central Sweden. Just under two years later, Sordin was able to supply its first passive hearing protectors to the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna, which is primarily known in the country for its forestry equipments. This order led to a partnership that continues to this day. In 1995, the success story began with the first electronic hearing protection from Vikmanshytten. Shortly afterwards, Sordin relocated the production of active electronic earmuffs to Värnamo, an established electronics manufacturing location in southern Sweden. 

This box contains all the parts required to complete a Sordin Supreme Pro-X. You can see how it becomes a complete hearing protection system in our video. 

The production of passive hearing protection models and other personal protective equipment remained in Vikmanshyttan. In the meantime, Sordin's electronic division became part of the US-based MSA Group, but returned to Sordin in 2018. In 2022, the Swedes acquired the Italian manufacturer Shothunt, who specializes in protection earplugs, in order to also occupy this segment. Sordin currently has around 100 employees, around 40 of whom manufacture the electronic earmuffs under the Sordin brand, almost all of whose parts come from Sweden. Only the circuit boards designed by Sordin are supplied by a manufacturer from another European country. These 40 employees ensure that around 90,000 Supreme models for the civilian market leave the factory in Värnamo every year. In addition, there are around 60,000 more for professional users, for example in the military and law enforcement.

You can see for yourself that the entire assembly process takes place in Värnamo in our video, which shows all 15 production steps of a Sordin Supreme Pro-X. 

The Sordin HEAR2 sound system is at the heart of the excellent sound reproduction of the current Sordin Supreme models 

The diagram gives an impression of how the Sordin HEAR2 sound system is structured. 

With the new HEAR2 sound system, Sordin aims to "make hearing every hunter's primary weapon". To this end, the innovative, modern technology has four uniquely designed audio profiles. These are designed to optimize the prevailing sound image around the wearer of the Sordin Suprem X-Pro according to the respective hunting or shooting range situation.

To this end, the Supreme models from Sordin have a unique sound reproduction that puts them in a class of their own. Like most manufacturers of electronic hearing protectors, the developers at Sordin rely on digital technology to attenuate hearing-damaging noises to a safe level without obstructing harmless sounds on their way into your ear. However, with its new HEAR2 sound system, Sordin has succeeded in doing this even more efficiently than before.

Thanks to smart algorithms, the possibilities offered by advanced ambient sound enhancement technology can be optimally utilized. With the Sordin Supreme, you can therefore hear the sounds you want to hear clearly and naturally, while the system safely reduces harmful sound pressure peaks before they reach your ears.

The Sordin Supreme Pro-X models manufactured from 2023 onwards also feature the new Sordin HEAR2 sound system with four software-based audio profiles: Hunting, Shooting, Focus and Comms. If required, these can be activated quickly using the control buttons on the outside of the hearing protector, allowing users to switch between profiles just as quickly.

This overview shows the four new audio profiles of the Sordin HEAR2 sound system and describes their functions. 

Anyone who thinks that Sordin is satisfied with this is very much mistaken. The Swedes themselves say: "Our audio system is never really completed. Instead, we strive to gradually improve the technology to create the perfect sound experience – with new software upgrades being continually released to keep pushing audio reproduction quality forward“. According to Sordin, this applies to new Sordin Supreme hearing protectors to be developed in the future as well as to the series already available on the market.

Availability and prices of the electronic hearing protection models from the Sordin Supreme Pro-X 2023 series

These three model variants of the Sordin Supreme Pro-X are available from specialist retailers for 259 euros (RRP) with sealing rings made of PVC foam and a black leather headband. 

The Sordin Supreme models aimed at hunters and sport shooters at present are the Supreme Pro-X LED models with built-in LED lamp and headband as well as gel rings as standard. These are available with green, camo, orange or black cups, each at a non-binding recommended retail price of 319 euros. In addition, there are the Supreme Pro X models with the aforementioned cup colors, standard foam rings and black leather headband, each priced at 259 euros, although a version with green cups and camo-colored textile headband is also available for the same price. If you want a Supreme Pro X with a neckband instead of a headband, you can opt for a hunting green version – priced at 279 euros. We recently tested the Supreme Pro X Neckband model in detail for you here on all4hunters.com.

Last but not least, the technically older Sordin Supreme Pro in green with headband is also in the current 2023/24 catalog at a price of 215 euros. Although it does not feature the new HEAR2 sound system with its four audio profiles, it also reliably protects the hunter from harmful noise levels, but is admittedly not as good at "hunting with your ears" as the new Pro-X models. This is a good option for budget-conscious hunters and the quality of the hearing protection is also excellent with these models.

You can find out more about Sordin and the high-tech hearing protection for hunters and sport shooters on the www.sordin.com website.

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