Practical test of Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED and Pro-X Slim models: the sound of silence

Let's talk about hearing protection for hunters first

Let's be honest: if I say "earmuffs", the only thing that comes to your mind are the ones that are usually used on the shooting range, right?

The Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED multi-pourpose system is high-tech pue and a perfect protection for your ears

And in fact few, very few people use them, even when hunting without silencers. Not without any reason, to tell the truth. Since in some forms of hunting, that require a detailed feedback from nature – such as hunting with dogs or at driven hunts, for example – "old earmuffs" are of no big value and could even be counterproductive. However, in so many other hunting types their use should not only be advisable, but actually recommended. 

Especially if one shoots with large rifle calibers at dusk and in semi-enclosed spaces such as blinds, or if one goes on hunts where on good days it can also happen, that several shots are fired in a single morning and in quick frequency, perhaps with other hunters by your side. The reason why you need a professions ear protecton is very simple: to protect our hearing from our own shots and those fired beside us. 

Let's protect our ears - that's the mission of Sordin

Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim, perfect for hunting and for shooting range training. This high tech product allows perfect communication and perfect protection of your ears

Indeed, the ear is as precious as it is a delicate organ which is easily damaged, and what it loses in hearing capacity will never be recovered naturally.

They know this well at Sordin, which from as far back as 1976  - when chainsaws entered forestry  and protecting operators' hearing from the constant noise became imperative – they immediately directed their entire business toward earmuffs production.

We then came to the hunting universe, in which Sordin first had the ingenious idea of introducing shock/vibration absorbent gel instead of the usual foam rubber for the areas in contact with the skin, since it is not only noise that can damage your eardrums and hammers, but also the strong vibrations from recoil energy transmitted from the gun's buttstock to your shoulder and then to your cheek.

Since then time has passed, electronics and military collaborations have arrived, research and innovation have gradually made giant strides, so much so that today the great Swedish company Sordin is able to present itself to the public with extraordinary products that of the earmuffs of yesteryear barely retain the general form. Since they are in fact true high-tech refined tools, capable of real miracles in addition to their usual work. How to enormously amplify the hearing potential of anyone and at will: from those who have fully functioning hearing to those who have now lost most of their abilities, all with almost infinite possibilities of interaction and connection with smartphones and common radios. In short, only one type of sound is excluded thus preventing harm: that of gunfire!

Ready for anything: Sordin Supreme Pro-X line - hearing protection and perfect communication at the same time. How does this work?

Supreme Pro-X line:, designed for the most rugged environments and excellent sound reproduction.

Darkness, forest, night. With the thermal imager you are scanning the area in front of you from the window of the high seat. You're disheartened now, you've been waiting for hours and can't see anything. Then, somewhere, a noise ...What is it? A gust of wind in the bush or your prey finally coming within range? From what point is it coming precisely...?

Morning before dawn, hunting for thrushes. "How nice," you think while stamping your feet to fight the cold, when you could still hear them hooting, whistling and their “ziiip” anticipating their flight, like black thunderbolts across the October sky under still sleeping trees.

Function 1: Amplification of environmental sounds: Here, in the first case, Sordin devices – even if you still have full hearing – can help you enormously, allowing you to amplify sounds, clean them up and understand their type and origin with absolute precision.

Function 2: In the second case, it is another miracle what Sordin has accomplished in the Supreme Pro_X line, allowing you to recover your former hearing, and more. All while giving you the ability to talk with friends, also having guaranteed absolute protection when you or your neighbors are shooting, with the added bonus of always being ready for your hunting action. One step ahead of the prey, while taking care of yourself. 

Technical applications for Sordin hearing protection: 

From what we have said so far, it is clear that the most logical applications of Sordin's products can be essentially in two precise hunting areas: with shotguns, and with rifles. Let's see in detail how, discovering the countless advantages area by area, situation by situation. 

Rifle hunting: What are the special challenges / risks for the ear?

Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED and a .30-30 Winchester Pedersoli lever-action rifle: a perfect combination for varmint control and wild boa hunting.

High seat by night (and selection hunting in general): We are talking about the quintessential "zero to one hundred" hunt; that is, the one in which the shot is fired under the most absolute silence, subjecting your ear to understandable acoustic stress caused by the shot. But there is more: We are also talking about that form of hunting where the ear, from dusk onward, becomes an absolute ally for shooting preparation, making you first hear what you will then see through the optic, thermal imager or otherwise. The benefits of being ready in advance are so obvious that it seems silly to talk about them. 

Wild boar hunting (blind hunting): Here – as always, in addition to protection – sound amplification, especially for mature people, is obvious. You can follow the dogs' barking better, can hear all the noises of the bush sooner and better, can hear the pattering of the lone boar trying to slip away. But this way it will never find us unprepared when it suddenly bursts out of the bush.

Not only that: several of the Sordin devices can to be connected to common radios that are used to communicate  in the woods (where permitted). All while leaving the hands free to use the firearm.

Shotgun hunting: What should a perfect ear protection do?

Hide: Sure, we often shoot with so-called smaller calibers/gauges and even silenced ammo. So we are talking about muffled energies, low noise and little recoil vibration. Protecting the ear even here might be a good idea. Also considering that with the sound amplification systems, even those who have lost a few degrees of hearing can enjoy the concert of the decoys, and the song of thrushes, redwings, and fieldfares. 

Hide and Wood Pigeon: These are hunts that are often done in pairs, from the same shooting station. Let's be honest: how many times have you been half-deafened by a shot fired by a friend? With your ear then whistling for hours at best?  You can avoid all this with any product from the Sordin catalog. 

Thrushes, larks and turtle doves: These are the forms of hunting in which you shoot most. We already mentioned thrushes, with the possibility of hearing them coming early even for those who no longer have the hearing of when they were boys. For everyone else, it comes down to logic. 

Shooting ranges: All the protection in the world, with the ability to talk to range directors and neighbors. Always with earmuffs on. 

Technical specifications and main features of the Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED And Pro -X Slim models

Elegant, good looking and top quality also for the Sordin products packaging: here with 3 best sellers from the Supreme Pro-X line. Neckband, Slim and LED.
  • SordinHEAR2 inside providing excellent sound quality and four different audio profiles (Hunting, Focus, Shooting and Comms)
  • LED light which automatically shuts off after three minutes (Pro-X LED model)
  • IP67 tested
  • Waterproof microphones and battery compartment
  • Compact cup design (flat in the Pro -X Slim model)
  • Sealing rings of GEL as standard (PVC foam rings available as accessory)
  • Easy-to-use push buttons to control the electronic functions
  • Automatic switch-off after 4 hours if no button is activated, saving battery time
  • Audio input (AUX) for connecting an external audio source, such as a communication radio (3.5-mm mono cable is included)
  • Low battery warning when approximately 40 hours is left of the battery life
  • 400 hours of battery time using two standard AAA batteries. 

Learn more abou the Sordin Spreme family of hearing protection at the Sordin website.

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