Gun oil and gun grease from Liqui Moly – Introducing the products from the Guntec care series

Some time ago we reported that the well-known manufacturer Liqui Moly is now selling its own gun care products again. For this purpose, they have not only improved the products, but also supplemented the catalog with a silencer cleaner. This now consists of a total of four products: In addition to the aforementioned cleaner for silencers, they also offer a gun care spray, as well as gun grease and oil. We have already taken a closer look at the silencer cleaner together with the spray. So it's time to take a closer look at the gun grease and gun oil:

The gun oil from Liqui Moly in detail – Lubricates and protects

Liqui Moly lubrication
The gun oil from Liqui Moly provides lubrication, corrosion protection and prevents wear on the gun.

Liqui Moly's gun oil is a versatile product that can be used on firearms. It performs three main functions: for proper functioning, it lubricates the firearm, while it also works as a protection against excessive wear of moving parts. As a third function, good oiling of the short or long gun also provides reliable protection against corrosion. In order to work as effectively as possible in this regard, the gun oil also combines two properties, according to Liqui Moly. On the one hand, it is a quite strongly adherent, medium-viscous product. On the other hand, attention has also been paid to particularly good penetration properties. This is important so that the oil can reach even hard-to-reach and/or very fine components of the firearm. It is important to know that the user does not have to be afraid of contact of the liquid with the stock or grip. The compatibility with plastics is high and the gun oil is also suitable for use on wood.

The application corresponds to that of comparable care substances. First, however, the gun should always be cleaned of other oil that has already been applied. Liqui Moly recommends its own quick cleaner for this purpose. Then the actual oiling of the components can begin. Here, the shooter should work rather thinly and remove excess fluid. If the gun is to be used immediately, oil should not be applied to the barrel and cartridge chamber. If the gun has been stored for a long time and there is corresponding gun oil in these places, it should of course be removed before use.

The Liqui Moly Guntec gun oil comes in a 100 milliliter bottle and costs 12.49 euros.

The Liqui Moly Guntec gun grease – A good solution for the winter

Liqui Moly can be used on all gun's moving parts
Just like the oil, the gun grease from Liqui Moly can be used on all gun's moving parts.

Just like the already introduced oil, the gun grease from Liqui Moly is also used for lubrication, protection against wear and preservation. However, the manufacturer points out that this product is particularly suitable for use at low temperatures. With (strong) minus temperatures on winter hunts, for example, the grease is possibly better suitable than the gun oil. Basically, it is a synthetic grease with ceramic solid lubricants. It adheres strongly and thus ensures reliable lubrication and functional efficiency of the firearm. 

Application is also similar to the oil: the gun should be completely free of oil and grease. The product can then be applied (again, thinly). Deviating here, however, it may be necessary to use the aforementioned quick cleaner not only to pre-clean the firearm, but also to remove excess grease that is not necessary. 

The Liqui Moly gun grease is available in two different sizes: 20 milliliters at 9.89 euros and 50 milliliters at 17.89 euros.

Like all products in Liqui Moly's Guntec series, the ones presented here are also "Made in Germany" and are available directly from the manufacturer's online store in addition to well-stocked specialist retailers.

For more information about the Guntec gun care series and other products, please visit the Liqui Moly website.

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