Flash hiders, muzzle brakes, compensators and other devices
Generally speaking, any device mounted on the muzzle of a gun reduces accuracy, which is why bench rest rifles have a perfectly finished Match crowned muzzle. On the other hand, not always theory and practice coincide...
BSA Buccaneer SE air rifle
07/29/2015 - BSA, a GAMO Outdoor brand, offers the Buccaneer SE pre-compressed pneumatic air rifle for pest control, varmint, and sport shooting
Ammunition: the .303 British caliber
The .303 British is one of the very few ammunitions that survived the shift between blackpowder and smokeless powders; a true war veteran, it survived two global conflicts and remained as a standard British and Commonwealth service cartridge for about seventy years
Test: Ceská Zbrojovka CZ-75 SP-01 Phantom in 9 mm Luger
With over a million units having been produced, the Ceská Zbrojovka CZ-75 in 9mm Luger has long been one of the true classics among pistols. Here we present the test results of the CZ-75 SP-01 Phantom in 9 mm Luger– a modernised version with polymer frame
Federal Vital-Shok High Density shotshells
07/24/2015 - Federal Premium, an ATK Group brand, introduces the Vital-Shok High Density buckshot shells
SOG Twitch II and Twitch XL
07/23/2015 - Designed by Spencer Frazer, Twitch line of folding knives is a perfect balance of classical details, such the wooden grip panels, and state of the art technology

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Lebedev PL14, the new semiautomatic pistol from the Kalashnikov Concern
Let's take a more in-depth sneak peek at what could very well one
Ruger Precision Rifle, a new bolt-action long-range shooter!
07/21/2015 - Sturm, Ruger & Co. is rolling out a new bolt action long range rif
Signal9 Defense Reliant four barrel pocket pistol
07/17/2015 - Signal9 Defense, formerly known as Edge Arms, is ready to launch the R
Kahles Helia 3 riflescope in August 2015
07/16/2015 - Kahles continues the update and development of the KX/KXi series. This


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