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Timney Calvin Elite Trigger
for Remington 700 carbine


Timney has made some modifications since the first Calvin Elite trigger model in order to improve the installation process.
The trigger group being tested belongs to this latest version, which has the trigger blade fixed with a rivet that is independent from the one used to anchor it in the action.
This change further decreased the play of the parts and above all made the mounting process easier.
The installation of the trigger group was quick and simple and required no modification of any kind. It was enough to remove the two pins (paying special attention to the bolt release), replace the old trigger group with the new one and then lock it in place by reinserting the pins and the spring in the right order.

The trigger fits perfectly into the action and there was no noticeable lateral play at all between the action and the trigger group. The two gold-coloured strips visible from the outside of the top of the weapon provide a distinctive look to the weapon as a whole.
The external dimensions of the Calvin Elite are almost identical to the factory part and required no modification to the seating, for either the original or the custom “full inlet“ Remington 700.


One of the greatest advantages of the Timney triggers is the possibility (when ordering directly from Timney) to receive the product with the trigger pull weight set to you own specifications, so that all you have to do is replace the trigger group without wasting time adjusting the weight and release parameters. These operations can take some time if you choose to do them in a painstaking manner using a specific instrument to determine the correct release weight, but the default settings can be modified without having to substitute the internal spring, which is required for the Jewell triggers.

Profile of the action with the original trigger group
Profile of the action with the original trigger group

The Calvin Elite model has three adjustment screws.
The screw in the back to adjust the blade is set at the factory. The orange wax threadlocker, which can be clearly seen on this screw, holds the small bolt in place to avoid accidental movement. The two screws in the front are used to adjust the trigger pull weight (the lower screw) and over travel (the upper screw).

Given the positions of these screws, it is clear that they can only be adjusted after the group is removed from its seat in the action. I believe this is the only limitation in the practicality of this trigger.

Novice shooters need only concern themselves with one of the three adjustment screws; namely the one to regulate the trigger pull weight.

The other two are already pre-set at the factory and there is absolutely no need to modify their settings. On the contrary, it is best to keep in mind that these delicate operations may compromise the correct function of the trigger.

When testing several pull weights, I was even able to achieve a value with the Calvin Elite that was below the 200 g declared by the manufacturer without any problems with the trigger even when quickly cycling the lock. However, when the action was hit with the palm of the hand with a certain force, the trigger blade released the firing pin 1 out of 3 times.

I therefore decided to leave the trigger pull weight within the suggested parameters by bringing it to about 250 g, which eliminated any involuntary trigger phenomena. As an additional precaution, I also anchored the two front screws with a drop of super glue, due to the fact there are no closure bolts on these screws.

The new version of the Timney Calvin Elite trigger tested in this article
The new version of the Timney Calvin Elite trigger tested in this article
The previous version of the Calvin Elite model. Note that the second rivet on the top that holds the lever in place present in photo 15 is not present on this version. (courtesy of Timney Triggers)
The previous version of the Calvin Elite model. Note that the second rivet on the top that holds the lever in place present in photo 15 is not present on this version. (courtesy of Timney Triggers)

Impressions on the shooting range

Compared to the classic Timney mod.510 trigger, there is a net improvement in the repeatability of the pull weight even with the lighter settings.
The behaviour and sensitivity are excellent with a “glass rod” break that is truly noteworthy.
The shape of the trigger has been changed from the wider form to a more contained thickness and no vertical grooves.
Many shooters prefer having a larger surface on the trigger, or a surface that is grainy and flat. However, the choice to use the classic design for the trigger allows the Calvin Elite to be compatible with the several different floor plates of the various stocks for Remington. This choice also increases sensitivity when squeezing the trigger. It is for the latter reason that that this construction characteristic is used in most triggers for benchrest shooting, such as the famous Jewell triggers.

The nature of this trigger does not account for the initial travel typical of the “academic” Anschütz or Sako-TRG triggers, and some shooters may find it does not meet their needs. Personally, having used both triggers I believe it is just a question of practice and after just a few shots I had developed a liking for this new trigger.


At the beginning of last year, some of the Remington 700 models were subject to a recall due to some defective trigger groups and many American shooters decided to take the opportunity to substitute the factory trigger with an aftermarket part rather than wait for the time needed for the manufacturer to repair them. Some of them opted for this product based on its sturdiness and its simplicity of installation, and after having tried it I can understand the reasoning behind this choice.
The Timney Calvin Elite trigger group is a valid alternative for those who desire a very light benchrest trigger but also want sturdiness and simplicity of installation. Of course, it does not reach the 100 grams or less of certain specialised products, but as I have explained, it is my opinion that extreme options penalise the weapon by confining it to one specific type of competitive contest.
In conclusion, this new Timney trigger is a pleasant surprise that marks another point in favour of Timney and Calvin Motley.

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