Tokyo 2020: changes in Olympic shooting disciplines
06/19/2017 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced sweeping changes to the Olympic shooting disciplines. Inten
Test & technology: Heckler & Koch USP Elite .45 ACP pistol
In the early 1990s, with its USP semiautomatic pistol, Heckler & Koch reached a milestone in pistol design. The
Safety recall for RUGER Mk IV pistols
06/14/2017 - The guns manufactured prior to June 1, 2017 have the potential to discharge unintentionally: don't shoot them a
New variants for the Rex Zero 1 pistol
06/13/2017 - Arex has added two new 9mm variants to its pistol line: the Rex Zero 1 CP (Compact model) and the Rex Zero 1 T (Tac
Test & technology: GLOCK 21 Gen4 Cal.45 ACP pistol
The GLOCK 17 owes its great commercial success to the handgun market. Since 1980, Glock has been designing service
Grand Power: the Slovakian firearm company celebrates its first 15 years
Today we congratulate the famous and successful company Grand Power Ltd, the semi-automatic pistols manufacturer fr