MINOX “Boars” Set: binoculars plus PUMA knife
MINOX offers its MINOX BV 8x56 and MINOX BL 8x56 HD binoculars with a highly functional and professional hunting kn
Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi sword
From the American Cold Steel company a real Wakizashi with a 1060 carbon steel blade. It has nothing in common with
Fox Parus: the fixed-blade survival knife
Survival knives are far from being out-of-fashion and Fox Cutlery has a say introducing the Parus, a robust fixed-b
CRKT Pineapple, the “grenade-knife”
The CRKT Pineapple is an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife intended for everyday use. Despite its small size it features
Lockin’, the wondrous knife, is here
Alberto Gariboldi is a young knife maker and inventor of the Lockin', an ingenious folding knife with a blade t
Extrema Ratio Mamba & Black Mamba knives
03/19/2017 - Enforce Tac 2017 / New from Extrema Ratio: Extrema Ratio Mamba & Black Mamba knives

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