We Knife Evoke, a “double action” folding knife that enhances the simple beauty of titanium

The knife we are talking about today is named Evoke and in We Knife's virtual catalog we find it in different versions that share the titanium handle and differ in the handle and blade finish, which is CPM20CV steel. In addition, the series also includes a limited edition model with a Hakkapella industrial damask blade from Damasteel that costs more than twice as much as the standard version.

The blade of the Evoke is made of CPM 20CV steel hardened to 59-61 HRC featuring a nice stonewashed finish.

With the Evoke model, We Knife temporarily sets aside details that are all the rage right now, such as push-button opening/locking systems, to come up with an essential folder with the good old and reassuring opening thumb stud attached to the blade, coupled with a front flipper and a solid frame lock system.

This time we start from the beginning, namely the packaging, which in perfect We Knife style is lavish. The knife is delivered in a black cardboard box wrapped in a diagonal band with the company's logo. Inside we find the knife, housed in a nylon pouch with two interior pockets, complete with a microfiber cloth, a sticker, the warranty certificate and a note inviting you to share on social media – and especially with the manufacturer – criticism, advice or appreciation. This reminds us how the buzz on social media, but also word of mouth among enthusiasts, have contributed greatly to the spread and popularity of We Knife brand and its Civivi cadet brand, that can count on a loyal and extremely active fan base on Facebook and Instagram.

We Knife Evoke, the elegance of titanium

On the left side of the handle we find the blade locking plate and the elegant clip, also made of titanium.

The Evoke series, as we said at the beginning, features a titanium 6AL4V handle with different finishes available, ranging from antiqued bronze to gray with a kind of irregular tiger stripe pattern. The model we present in the photos is the WE21046-3 with a blue finish that, in our opinion, enhances the aesthetic qualities of the material. Our Evoke presents itself in a very essential way, but still when closed it offers some interesting details to the enthusiast's eye, such as the Allen screws that are also made of 6AL4V titanium, like the blade opening pins, the back spacer and the clip that allows the knife to be carried tip up. 

Overall, the handle is 115 millimeters long by 10 millimeters thick (not including clip) and even if there is no knurling or surface machining, grips is good (even for those with medium to large hands) and above all provides an almost velvety, very pleasant feel. The handle frame is almost completely open, with a 25-millimeter-long ridge that leaves a lot of open space, making it easier to clean the knife. Since this is a frame lock type knife, the locking plate is directly cut into the titanium of the bottom frame. A small screwed-in steel plate protects the titanium from direct contact with the blade heel. Another small detail that demonstrates We Knife's great care is the antiqued bronze-colored medallion on the left side of the pivoting pin.

One blade, two ways to open it

One of the peculiarities of the We Knife  Evoke is to offer a dual opening system: thumb stud or front flipper.

The blade of the We Knife Evoke is made of CPM20CV steel, a tool alloy developed by Crucible and characterized by its high percentage of chromium carbides and vanadium, making it particularly wear and corrosion resistant while still offering excellent sharpness retention. The blade is 88.4 mm long with a maximum thickness of 3.2 mm, and its declared hardness is 59-61 HRC. The profile is a clip point type, with a beautiful stonewashed finish that gives it a silky, even hue that contrasts nicely with the unevenly blackening of the handle. Blade surfaces finishing is nothing short of excellent, and is further emphasized by the lack of markings and logos, with the exception of Ray Laconico's signature on the right side, just below the thumb stud. 

Factory sharpening is more than good. Opening can be done either by acting on the front flipper, which barely protrudes from the knife's profile, or by acting on the classic thumb studs. In either case, the blade deploys smoothly on the caged ceramic ball bearing and locks with a sharp, noticeable click. The release and closing movement are also extremely smooth and scratch free. We like the idea of a dual opening system: not everyone has the manual dexterity or the desire to switch to the front flipper opening, which while functional in reducing the knife's bulk, for sure can't be described as the most natural and instinctive. With the solution adopted by the We Knife Evoke, you can practice its use without giving up the movement that has entered the muscle memory of every knife enthusiast, namely pushing on the opening stud.

We Knife Evoke specs and price

We Knife
EDC folder
Ray Laconico
Locking Mechanism:
Frame lock
CPM 20CV steel, hardened to 59-61 HRC
Blade Length: 
88.4 mm
Blade Thickness: 
3.2 mm
Blade Finish: 
Black stonewashed
6AL4V titanium 
Overall Length: 
204 mm
106.5 grams
257 euros

Our conclusions on the We Knife Evoke

With a retail price of about 260 euros, the Evoke is definitely not an entry-level knife, but we really found nothing wrong with this lightweight and sturdy folder, which we really liked for its originality and great care in workmanship. The dual thumb stud / front flipper opening option is curious but quite clever and will surely contribute to the success of the Evoke. Models like this confirm that Chinese companies (at least some of them) are ripe to compete with even the most emblazoned U.S. brands and beyond, both in terms of design – thanks in part to high-level collaborations – materials and finish.

We Knife knives can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's international website, another convenience that makes them readily available.

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