LionSTEEL L KC-01, the Community Knife

The knife comes with a sheath, made of Kydex and synthetic yarn, with a retention strap closed by a snap fastener.

LionSTEEL's KC-01 knife is the result of a long period of work, which began around February 2023 and led to an initial design in October 2023, which was followed by the creation of two prototypes in March this year. These were subsequently tested to further refine the design and make some changes for mass production.

CPM 3V was chosen for the blade, a powder steel that boasts ideal mechanical properties for a tool designed for intensive all-around use.

The construction is full-tang, with a pair of Micarta handle scales attached by two pairs of Torx screws, available in green, black or natural canvas. The entire perimeter of the tang is carefully rounded, except for the end, which is sharp-edged so that sparks can be produced with it when you want to light a fire using Firesteel.

The KC-01 is made in a limited series, with each knife bearing the progressive serial number at the meeting point between the handle and blade.
On the back, the scabbard has straps that allow it to be carried the way you like, whether on a belt or clipped to a backpack.
The entire perimeter of the tang is rounded, except the end, which is sharp-edged for use with fire starters.

The handle is comfortable, versatile, and suitable for hands of various sizes. It is separated from the blade by a generous lower guard, beyond which is a groove for your index finger, which is useful in precision work.

At the end, the handle features not one, but as many as two lanyard holes, which can be used either alternately or together, depending on the user's preference.

The KC-01 comes with a sheath made of thermoformed Kydex and synthetic yarn, complete with everything needed to carry it either at waist level or attached to any suspender. In addition to the Kydex sheath retention, there is a snap-button safety strap. The retail price of the LionSTEEL's KC-01 is 240 euros.

A render of the knife from the official Lionsteel website.

For more information please visit the LionSTEEL webpage and the Knife Community Italy Facebook group (Italian language).

LionSTEEL KC-01 specs and price


Lionsteel, Maniago, Italy



Overall Length:
299 mm
Blade Length:
153 mm
Blade Thickness:
5.5 mm
Blade Steel:
Blade Finish:
Handle Material:
Micarta Canvas

240 euro

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