Hunting rifles: New products, tests, experience reports

Piotti Take-down Carbine: technique and elegance for African expeditions
A beautiful, custom made artisanal carbine dedicated to the great African trophies. The base is a Mauser K98 type action that the skill of craftsmen has turned into an elegant and refined weapon.
Test: Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II lever-action rifle, .45/70 caliber
The Pedersoli Boarbuster lever-action rifle is also available in the new MK II version, with some new features that make it even better for hunting large hoofed game on a driven hunt.
From Blaser for ladies: F16 Intuition and R8 Intuition
A shotgun and a rifle tailored to the needs of the huntress and sportswomen, these new products feature shorter stocks and are optimized for a woman's proportions.
Kimber 8400 Caprivi bolt action rifle in .375 H&H Magnum
The US manufacturer Kimber with its 8400 Caprivi repeating rifle is offering its first ever big game rifle. We were able to test the rifle in .375 H & H Magnum on the shooting range. In the video we also show the features of this rifle.
Sabatti Saphire: technical test on the new rifle
The new Sabatti hunting rifle is certainly an interesting product for hunters who want a niche, "made in Italy" firearm that’s accurate, practical and reliable.
Kalashnikov Concern showcases its new hunting carbine Baikal-145 "Los"
During the Army-2017 expo, which took place in Moscow suburbs on August 22-27th, Kalashnikov Concern showcased its new Baikal-145 "Los" (Moose) hunting rifle

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