Hunting rifles: New products, tests, experience reports

Sabatti STR – From the shooting range to the hunting field
The STR (Sabatti Tactical Rifle) is an all-Italian weapon intended for "field" use: very accurate and enjoyable at the shooting range, it can be used with great satisfaction even when hunting.
CZ 557 Lux II, a modern rifle with a vintage soul
With the 557 model series, CZ has taken a big leap into the 21st century. These mid-market repeating rifles have an unmatched quality/price ratio and embody the Czech company's great attention to those with more traditional tastes.
Kalashnikov Concern begins taking pre-orders for Baikal 145 “Los” hunting rifle
Two models are available, one with a standard-size receiver scaled for .308 Win and similar cartridges and another with a shorter receiver optimized for .223 Rem and similar cartridges. The new bolt-action rifle features a three-lug bolt.
Ruger Scout Rifle goes big: now in .450 Bushmaster
The Scout Rifle series adds a new powerful chambering. The .450 Bushmaster version features a stainless steel finish, a lightweight synthetic stock and a conspicuous muzzle brake to reduce recoil and blast.
Browning XBolt HS3 Chassis rifle in .308 Winchester
Robust, reliable and accurate, this bolt-action rifle is the culmination of the push feed action system. All the solutions adopted have been carefully studied to achieve an excellent result. Here is our test-fire.
Bergara B-14 Ridge hunting bolt-action rifle
It is not always necessary to add features and details to propose something interesting. The Spanish company Bergara knows this well and this year it introduced an essential but interesting hunting rifle, the B-14 Ridge.

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