Hunting ammo: New products, tests, experience reports

Baschieri & Pellagri Extra Rossa 28 Magnum: the field test
In anticipation of its imminent arrival in gun shops we tested the new Baschieri & Pellagri 28 gauge Magnum Extra Rossa series cartridge.
GECO: new website also optimized for smartphones and tablets
05/02/2016 - The ammunition brand GECO has been a part of the RUAG Group since 2002, and comprises a wide range of hunting and sports ammunition. Over 100 years of experience in development and manufacturing go into each and every cartridge, ensuring that they fulfill all important requirements for modern ammunition. And that was why GECO decided that its website needed a new, modern look
2016 HIT Show: time to gear up
09/18/2015 - It's time for exhibitors to book their booth space for the 2016 edition of the HIT Show − taking place next February in Vicenza, Italy
Winchester Shooting Academy: learn how to shoot with Raniero Testa!
10/21/2014 - Raniero Testa: a true VIP instructor for the newly-founded Winchester Shooting Academy! Weekend-long, full-immersion shooting courses will be held for those willing to learn from Raniero Testa, a four times world record holder in extreme shooting, using his own guns, ammunition, and gear!
SAAMI elects new officials
06/26/2014 - The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute went forward to elect a new chairman and vice-chairman at the general meeting held on last June 19th
Hornady's new ammunition products for 2014
04/01/2014 - Hornady Manufacturing launches a plethora of new shotgun, rifle, carbine and handgun loads to the hunting, sports shooting, defense and service markets!

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