Five most interesting handguns of 2016 SHOT Show
It's a very personal choice, but our team of experts has selected five handguns among the novelties of SHOT Show 2016. Here they are
Stoeger P3000 Shotgun in 12 gauge
02/09/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Stoeger introduced the new P3000 12 gauge pump action shotgun, a rugged and inexpensive firearm that doesn't break the bank
Remington RM380 semiautomatic pistol
02/09/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / New from Remington: RM380 subcompact semiautomatic pistol chambered in .380ACP (9mm Short), featuring 6 + 1 rounds capacity, double action only trigger, an all-metal construction and fully locked tilting barrel design for 436 US $
Glock G17 and G19 Modular Optic System (M.O.S.)
02/08/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Glock is offering two new handguns featuring the M.O.S. option, the very popular models 17 and 19, that from now on can be fitted with the most popular red dot reflex sights
Lapua Naturalis hunting ammunition
02/07/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / New from Lapua is the third generation of the Naturalis line of hunting-oriented ammunition
Fiocchi Munizioni (Fiocchi Ammunition) celebrates its 140th anniversary and introduces its new hunting line at HIT 2016
02/06/2016 - Fiocchi at HIT 2016, the main Italian event of reference for the sports arms and ammunition and hunting sector, to celebrate 140 years in the business and introduces its new hunting ammunition line

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Härkila, new products 2016
02/09/2016 - Härkila, Danish premium brand of clothing, footwear and equipment for hunting, p
British Shooting Show: 12th to 14th February 2016
02/05/2016 - The Great British Shooting Show 2016 is opening on 12th February. The Shooting S
Hunting and pet dogs: using Atletic Dog food for a support diet
We are almost at the end of the hunting season, and soon it will be time for us
Leica Geovid-R, series of laser rangefinding binoculars
02/03/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / New from Leica Sport Optics: Geovid-R premium entry-level serie
Franchi Instinct L 28 gauge
02/03/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Franchi introduces on the USA market the Instinct L, a lightwei

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Uberti 1866 Commemorative rifle
02/05/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Italian gunmaker pays homage to the first lever action rifle ev
Bushnell Legend Tactical 15-45x60 T variable magnification spotting scope
02/04/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / New from Bushnell: Legend Tactical 15-45x60 T variable magnific
Umarex Brodax air powered revolver
02/04/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Umarex USA introduced at SHOT Show the Brodax. This new air pow
Fiocchi 3 Gun Match new ammos
02/02/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Fiocchi ammunition offers a new 3 Gun Match line of 12 gauge am
Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion
02/02/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / New from Mossberg: the legendary Model 500 shotgun is now avail

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Photo: Swarovski Z6i 3-18x50
All photo of Swarovski Z6i 3-18x50, riflescope for hunting and sport shooting. Click here to read the article 
Gallery: RWS HIT hunting ammunition
RWS HIT leadfree centerfire hunting ammunition loaded in .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester
Photo: Pedersoli Kodiak Mk VI
Pedersoli's classical hunting muzzle loading express: the Kodiak Mk VI with 615mm long, .50 caliber rifled barrels
Gallery: 2014 Zeiss Field Shooting Weekend
The 3rd edition of the Zeiss Field Shooting Weekend took place from 27 to 29 of June at Ulfborg Skyttecenter, a beautifu

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Photo: Hensoldt ZF variable magnification riflescope
All photo of Hensoldt ZF riflescope
Gallery: Gamo G Force 15
Gamo G-Force is a 4.5 mm (.177) air rifle with a tactical “Black rifle” look
Gallery: Radar Duty holsters
Radar professional duty holsters are top-of-the-range holsters, ideal for carrying a visible handgun
Gallery: Heckler & Koch G36
End of the road for the German Armed Forces assault rifle HK G36

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