The Shooter's Talk - Anti-gun bias: time to strike back?
The gun-related industry and law-abiding gun enthusiasts worldwide are publicly challenging the anti-gun ideology and its bias. In a world where any kind of bias and discrimination is (rightly) considered abominable, only anti-gun bias and discrimination against law-abiding gun owners seems to be still considered acceptable if not commendable. Here is what the firearms industry is thinking.
A lady clay shot and instructor
Tracy Meston’s journey into shooting started 18 years ago in Norfolk on a girls’ fun clay pigeon shoot, soon afterwards she bought a shotgun, shot clays, and entered competitions. She qualified as a CPSA Instructor and launched ‘Frock, Stock and Barrel’ and is now the senior instructor at Roxburghe Shooting School.
Are we really entering the age of the “downloadable gun”?
Concluding a multi-year federal lawsuit the US government has agreed to waive its prior restraint against Defense Distributed, that in 2013 had put online the plans for a functional fully 3-D printed gun. 
CRKT Rave XL, a tough everyday carry knife
Designed by Ken Onion, the youngest ever inductee into the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame in 2008, the Rave XL folding knife sports a 2.75 blade with EDP corrosion resistant coating and a glass-reinforced polypropylene handle with TPR insert. 
Sabatti STR – From the shooting range to the hunting field
The STR (Sabatti Tactical Rifle) is an all-Italian weapon intended for "field" use: very accurate and enjoyable at the shooting range, it can be used with great satisfaction even when hunting.
From Ruger a SR1911 Officer-Style with stainless steel frame
Ruger adds a new model to its SR1911 series. Chambered in .45 ACP, the Officer-Style version with stainless steel frame is a compact concealed-carry gun with a classic 70 Series design and up-to-date modern features.

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