Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra Beccaccia
Baschieri & Pellagri has produced a specific cartridge, the Mygra Beccaccia, with all the technical characteristics required for hunting woodcock, game that represents the epitome of hunting passion.
New CZ P-10 C striker fired pistol
12/01/2016 - CZ presents the brand new striker-fired P-10 C semiautomatic pistol for the US local market only, on which it will be widely available on first quarter 2017 at a retail price of just above 500 $. It will be chambered initially in 9x19mm, and then a .40 S&W version will follow
Krieghoff KX-6: Trap Shotgun for Sporting Competitions
Krieghoff sporting shotguns – above all the K-80 – enjoy great popularity and rate very highly among sports marksmen. Being specially optimized for the discipline in question is just what characterizes the tried-and-trusted models. Learn more about the specially developed competition Krieghoff KX-6 trap shotgun
Leica Magnus 1.8-12x50i riflescope
The 1.8-12x50i riflescope, part of the Leica Magnus series, is a great all-rounder optic, but it really comes into its own on a drive hunt. Leica has lived up to its long-standing tradition of excellence that people associate with the name. At the last IWA trade fair, it was said that it was impossible to improve the series any further without it costing five times its current retail price of €2,555. We put it to the test. 
The LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker Thermal Imaging Device
11/26/2016 - The US optics manufacturer Leupold & Stevens is venturing out into new market territory with its LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device. We had the pleasure of taking a look at the brand-new product during an exclusive meeting. Read on to find out more.
EU gun law: pro-gun Lobby is fighting hard to avoid new gun bans
On November 16, 2016 a conference initiated by Firearms United was held in Bruxelles. One year after the terroristic attacks in Paris, the European commission still believes that a ban of legally owned semiautomatic weapons is the right way to fight terrorism. Let's have a look at the current discussion.

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