Benelli 828 U Sport: over-under for the shooting range

Benelli, starting from the project of the innovative 828 U over-under hunting shotgun, revised and conceived from scratch the essential features necessary to make it an accurate and reliable shotgun even on the shooting range

Benelli 828 U Sport: steel body and Progressive Balancing

Starting from the body machined from a solid steel block that replaces the light alloy used in the model dedicated to hunting, the 828 U Sport version has a weight of 3,650 kg with 30 in / 76 cm barrels. Particular attention has been paid to the balance and stability of the gun, which are essential to produce well-distributed and consistent patterns during shooting sessions on the range. This is why the stock has also been enlarged and in the new version includes the "Progressive Balancing" system, replacing the Progressive comfort damping system. The balancing system designed and patented worldwide by Benelli comes from the factory with 4 mounted weights + 4 supplied; by simply adding or removing the steel weights inside the device, the center of gravity of the 828 U Sport can be shifted forward or backward up to 8 mm with 2 mm steps at a time. The Progressive Balancing system can house in the stock up to a maximum of eight 12.5 g steel weights, for a total of 100 g.

The steel body of the Benelli 828U shotgun
The sporting version of the Benelli 828U features a steel body.

The Sport version also features the kit for drop and cast tuning without the need to make any changes to the  828U over-under stock. Perfect Fitting has been designed to take up to 20 different positions, combining two types of shims to be interposed between the stock and the body.  

Benelli 828U Sport: trigger and barrels

The trigger is a selective single type with a new adjustable trigger which is completely removable to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The cocking system that made the Benelli 828U famous remains obviously unchanged, based on the opening key and no longer operated by the fall of the barrels, so avoiding firing stress for a better gun longevity.

As for the barrels, their ballistic characteristics can optimize patterns thanks to the long cones and the absence of a centre rib to allow for the free vibration of the barrels and fast cooling during and after firing. Barrels are combined with a new range of five long knurled-end chokes identified by a red band with the word Sport. The carbon fiber rib was specially designed for sporting, featuring a width of 10 mm, an anti-glare checkering and a white front sight for better visibility and aiming on the shooting range. Lighter than an equivalent steel one, the  carbon fiber rib reduces barrel weight and shifts backward the center of gravity, reducing the mirage when barrels are very hot and, thanks to its peculiar fixing system that also allows for a rapid and easy replacement in case of need, it does not interfere with the barrels vibration and consequently does not affect pellets consistency.

Our first impressions: the Benelli 828U Sport actually comes to the shoulder fast providing a nice feeling: light, comfortable and sturdy, it's very well balanced indeed - the "Progressive Balancing" system makes its presence felt. We look forward to fire-testing it in its "natural habitat"- on the shooting range!

For more information on the over-under shotgun 828U Sport, please visit Benelli website.

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