Voere X4, the flagship for long range shooting

Designed for long distance shooting, the Voere X4 bolt-action rifle is the top model of the Austrian company, into which all the experience acquired over the years has been poured. Its main peculiarity is that caliber can be switched, but this quality almost fades in the background compared with the richness of options and the technical solutions adopted.

Voere X4, a concentrate of original solutions

Let's start by saying that the Voere X4 action is suitable for both right and left-handed shooters. There is a large ejection port on both sides of the action. The bolt handle itself can be easily swapped from right to left, making it a truly ambidextrous rifle. The bolt has three locking lugs on the head and a spring loaded ejector – the head can be easily replaced to switch calibers. The X4 model is compatible with the previous X3 model. Among the most interesting features of this rifle we want to point out the linear bearing guided steel bolt, a brilliant solution that makes it extremely smooth.

The two-position safety is mounted directly on the bolt shroud. The standard trigger is a two-stage type whose pull weight can be adjusted between 700 and 1300 grams, but it is also possible to order the rifle with a single-stage trigger or a hair-trigger. The system that allows you to use the rifle even when wearing thick winter gloves is ingenious: the trigger guard is hinged, and in case of need you just push it sideways to access the trigger unhindered. The magazine release is located in front of the trigger guard. The magazine is made from sheet steel, with a capacity of five rounds.

Detail of the Voere X4 rifle
Through the double ejection port you can see the linear bearing on which the bolt slides.
The bolt handle of the Voere X4
The bolt handle is screwed to the bolt shroud and can be easily swapped from one side to the other.

Barrels with progressive rifling

The barrel of the Voere X4 is Match type, stainless steel and fluted; an aluminum brake is mounted on the muzzle. For the .300 Norma Magnum, .375 and .408 CheyTac calibers the barrel is 28.3”/72 centimeters long, while for the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber only the barrel measures 27.1”/69 centimeters. All X4 rifle barrels have a progressive rifling with the following pitch: 1:15-1:9 for the .300 Norma Mag. 1:16-1:10 for .338 Lapua Mag. and .375 CheyTac, and finally 1:17-1:11 for the .408 CheyTac.

Modular and customizable stock

The stock of the Voere X4 rifle
The stock is adjustable in every aspect. The semi-anatomic support for the weak hand and the folding monopod are quite useful.

The stock of the Voere X4 is particularly refined and adapted to the needs of long range shooting. The buttstock can be folded on the right or left side and is equipped with an adjustable recoil pad and cheek rest. Its length can also be adjusted according to the shooter's build in a range of 32 millimetres. In its lower section there are three plastic panels with semi-anatomic grooves that have the function of supporting the weak hand. Finally, at the stock bottom there is a folding and adjustable monopod. The AR15-type pistol grip is hollow and can be used as a housing for small spares. The fore-end is fully separated from the barrel and offers mounts on three sides for as many Picatinny rails, while at its end is a Parker Hale-type adapter for bipod mounting. The Voere X4 is available in black, flat dark earth and coyote tan colors.

Since it is limited production firearm, it is possible to request technical modifications – for example, a special rifling pitch. The price of the Voere X4 starts from 8598 euro.

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