Test: VOERE X3 - Repeater for the Military

One of the major innovations at the weapons fair IWA 2013 was the VOERE X3, aimed at the services and military markets: another modular design precision repeater on the basis of the company's own 20-03 series and available so far only as a prototype (the evaluation is therefore with this reservation).

The modular design gives customers a choice between different calibers, barrels, coatings, stocks, grips, triggers, bolt handles etc. for the same basic rifle. Changing from the .308er barrel (twist 1:12“) to that in .408 CheyTac, the other caliber available for the X 3, takes two minutes. The .308 barrel came with a removable three-chamber muzzle brake. The receiver consists as usual of an aluminum alloy described as "high strength", here with a sand-colored coating of the Cerakote type.

The testers put the VOERE X3 through its paces at 100 meters as well as 300 and 500 meters. Already recording outstanding results on the "short” range, the rifle really came into its own over the longer distances. 

At 300 meters the loads 1 to 5 produced groups of 28, 24, 33, 37 und 29 mm. And at 500 meters 55, 31, 74, 78 und 68 mm. The rifle handled the REMINGTON cartridge the best.

The stock of the VOERE X3 is height adjustable via the butt plate, the cheek piece can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The earth spade has quick and fine adjustments
The bolt of the VOERE X3 locks via three lugs at the head. To change the caliber, the head has to be switched in addition to the barrel – left in .308 Win., right in .408 CheyTac. The head is fixed in the aluminum receiver housing with cross bolts
A spring loaded clamp and a hook lock the opened stock of the VOERE X3

Range of uses for the VOERE X3

The VOERE X3 meets all the expectations of a good rifle for sports, services and military. It is less suited for hunting

The VOERE X3 in Overview: 

from € 7.500
.308 Win.
6 + 1 cartridges
Barrel lenght:
665 mm
Total lenght:
1.025 / 1.250 mm
Trigger weight:
700 - 1.200 g
7.590 g

Features: fluted match barrel, muzzle brake, pistol grip, long Picatinny rail, Weaver cage, pressure point match trigger, hand cocking

Shooting test VOERE X3 in .308 Winchester

Factory cartridges
SK 100 (mm)
v0 (m/s)
E0 (J)
1168 grs Federal Sierra Matchking BTHP
2168 grs Rem. 
3168 grs RWS Target Elite
4168 grs Sellier & Bellot Match HPBT
5170 grs Lapua Lock Base FMJ BT

Remarks: Grouping = five-shot groups, shot prone from bipod and ground spade at 100 m distance, reported in millimeters, measured from the shot-hole centers. 

Abbreviations / bullet codes: BTHP: Boat Tail Hollow Point, HPBT: Hollowpoint Boat Tail, FMJ BT: Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail 

VISIER Evaluation of the VOERE X3

VISIER EvaluationPoints
Precision (max. 50 points)
50 points
Stock (max. 10 points)
10 points
Trigger (max. 10 points)
9 points
Magazine/Handling (max. 5 points)
5 points
Sights (max. 5 points)
4 points
Receiver/Function (max. 10 points)
10 points
Finishing (max. 10 points)
10 points
Total points (max. 100 points)
98 points
Test result
****** (6 of 6 commendations)


Die VOERE X3 offers an excellent trigger with top craftsmanship. Comprehensive adjustment options on the butt leave nothing to be desired. The new barrel in .308 Winchester that the testers zeroed in yielded truly fantastic dispersion patterns. For sure, with the VOERE X3, the Kufstein-based factory builds a rifle for sharp shooters and precision shooters. But also one that is just as attractive to sport shooters, provided they can spare the € 7,500.