Trailblazer Pack9, the innovative and compact "pivoting" survival rifle is here

Trailblazer Firearms, an American manufacturer of innovative firearms that include the extravagant LifeCard folding single-shot pistol, announces the latest addition to its catalog. 

The Pack9 folded for transportation
The Pack9 folded for transportation. The top section of the gun is pivoted back – in fact the muzzle is above the stock.

Designed to maximize portability, the Pack9 is a pistol caliber carbine that, thanks to "The Pivot" patented system, can be drastically reduced in length. In fact, when folded the gun measures only 20.9″/53 cm, even though the barrel is 16”/40.5 cm long. Thanks also to the extendable stock, the length when unfolded and ready to fire is 29.7”/75 cm. 

All thanks to the patented system that allows, by simply pressing a button, to pivot backwards the entire carbine's upper portion, which when folded has the muzzle pointing in the same direction of the stock. 

There is no risk, because the system also fully blocks the firing mechanism when the gun not correctly and completely unfolded. This system greatly facilitates the Pack9's transportation and storage, making it an excellent firearm for hikers and survivalists. 

Pack9, a unique pistol caliber carbine

The Trailblazer Pack9 with fully extended stock
The Trailblazer Pack9 unfolded with fully extended stock. Note the spare magazine housed behind the stock. 

Weighing approximately 2300 grams, the Pack9 is 5.9”/15 cm tall and as thin as many modern handguns, with a thickness of only 1.15”/30 mm. The aluminum frame features an integrated MILSpec Picatinny rail for the mounting of optics. A second spare magazine can be stored in a compartment in the stock, which is made of fiberglass-reinforced Nylon. The Pack9 uses GLOCK compatible magazines.

The steel barrel measures 16”/40.5 cm and is button rifled with a 1:10 pitch; the muzzle is threaded so that compensators, flash hiders or suppressors can be fitted. “In 2010, I came up with the crazy idea to fit a pistol in a candy tin, and that same innovative spirit that brought you the LifeCard now brings you the Pack9,” said Aaron Voigt, president and founder of Trailblazer Firearms. “We believe the years of work poured into the Pack9 have resulted in a 9mm rifle at the intersection of design, innovation, performance, and survival.”

The Trailblazer Firearms Pack9 carbine will be available in the US market beginning in the first quarter of 2022. 

Video: Trailblazer Firearms Pack9 carbine.

Trailblazer Firearms Pack9 specs


9mm Luger (9×19 mm)

Semi-Automatic, magazine fed, direct blowback
Length (folded): 

20.9″/53 cm

Min. Firing Length (stock collapsed): 
26.7″/67.8 cm
Max. Firing Length (stock extended): 
29.7″/75.4 cm
5.9″/15 cm

1.15″/3 cm

5 lb/2270 g
Aluminum / steel / polymer
Corrosion resistant
Will not fire when closed / Manual safety