Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle: a hand-picked long-range bolt-action in 6mm Creedmoor

The trend toward long-range shooting started a few years ago and has since enriched the shooting sports and firearms market worldwide with many new rifle models, target optics and calibers. The Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) helped trigger this huge boom with its release in the summer of 2015.

Even at first glance, the new Ruger Precision Rifle from the Custom Shop differs from the "off-the-shelf" mass production series, and that's mainly due to the classy gray Cerakote surface finish as well as the red anodized trigger, safety lever and barrier stop. But in addition to these cosmetic details, the bolt-action rifle has a lot to offer from a technical standpoint as well.

Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle: practical features

Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle in 6 mm creedmoor for long range left view
The gray Cerakote finish and signal red controls/attachments in the form of the trigger blade, double-sided safety and barrier stop make the Custom Shop version of the Ruger Precision Rifle stand out from the standard models at first glance. The barrier stop on the magazine well front provides a stable and repeatable shooting position during competitions.
Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle in 6 mm creedmoor for long range left side view
Depending on the stock length adjustment, the Ruger Custom Shop Ruger Precision Rifle has an overall length ranging from 45.25" to 48.75" (115 to 124 cm).

That starts with the most important link between man and machine – the trigger. In the lower receiver sits a TriggerTech match trigger, which promises a smooth break with its "Frictionless Release Technology" in the truest sense of the word. It goes without saying that this also includes a low, adjustable trigger pull weight and a short reset.

The Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle's cold-hammer forged 26"/660 mm barrel is made of stainless steel with a heavy contour, 1-7" twist and a 5R rifling. The muzzle features a 5/8"-24 thread and a brake from American Precision Arms

Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle: a hand-picked Long-Range Precision Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor
With the RPR, the LOP (Length of Pull, distance between the butt plate and the trigger blade front) can be varied between 12" and 15.50" (305 to 394 mm).

The APA muzzle device is said to effectively reduce recoil and muzzle flip thanks to its design and minimum tolerances, allowing the shooter to better observe the shot for faster follow-up shots. The long, free-float aluminum handguard with Magpul M-LOK slots all around for mounting auxiliary equipment features a flat bottom with integral mounting rail for tripod attachment

Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle in 6 mm creedmoor for long range right view
The free-standing "Magpul MOE K2+" pistol grip features a steeper grip angle. The enlarged, tapered bolt handle knob sits on a 5/16"-24 thread and can be replaced if required. The magazine well also has M-LOK slots on the sides where, for example, cartridge holders can be attached.

Everything else is classic in the Ruger Precision Rifle

In terms of design, the Precision Rifle is based on the typical RPR heritage: an AR-compatible design with folding, versatile adjustable stock, a 20 MOA optics rail on the steel upper receiver's top, aluminum lower with optimized magazine well for Magpul PMAG 10-round polymer magazines. In the US, the Ruger Precision Rifle from the Ruger Custom Shop will cost $2399 (about 2000 euros).

When and at what price the Ruger Precision Rifle will be available in Europe, was unfortunately not yet concretely determined at the time of writing these lines. We will keep you informed of course.

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