From Hi-Point, the first carbine chambered for the 30 Super Carry cartridge

A while ago, U.S. ammo manufacturer Federal introduced a new cartridge, the 30 Super Carry. The idea behind it was to have a cartridge that delivers the same muzzle energy as 9mm Luger, but that could be chambered in handguns with reduced grip circumference and smaller overall size – a magazine the size of a standard 9mm Luger pistol's should carry at least two additional rounds of 30 Super Carry ammo. Speaking of carbines, the .30 caliber has always been associated with this kind of firearms – just think of the beloved M1 Carbine of WW2 vintage. So it was just a matter of time before someone offered a carbine-sized firearm chambered in the new 30 Super Carry. Here comes Hi-Point with its new 30 Super Carry Carbine.

Hi-Point Model 995 30 Super Carry, a personal defense carbine

Hi-Point's 30 Super Carry carbine features a skeletonized polymer stock and pistol grip, with a ribbed handguard.

Ohio-based Hi-Point Firearms is known for its affordable pistols and carbine rifles for defense, sporting, and hunting applications. Now it breaks new ground with the first-ever carbine chambered for the new 30 Super Carry defensive cartridge.

A Picatinny rail atop the receiver and a rail below the handguard allow to accommodate optics and accessories on the Hi-Point Model 995 30 Super Carry carbine.

“Serious personal and home defense practitioners understand the value of having ammunition compatibility between their handguns and rifles. This has long been the case with 9mm handguns and pistol-caliber carbines (PCC) chambered for the 9mm Luger. Now, Hi-Point extends that same compatibility to Federal's exciting new 30 Super Carry handgun cartridge with a personal defense carbine chambered for this potent ammunition,” they say introducing the new gun. Built on the 9mm 995 platform, Hi-Point's 30 Super Carry carbine is a semi-automatic gun featuring a 16.5”/419 mm threaded (1/2x28) barrel, a skeletonized polymer stock and pistol grip. Overall length is 31"/787 mm, for a weight of 6.25 lb/2,835 g. Sights include a front post sight and a peep rear sight that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Safety is manual. The carbine also offers a Picatinny rail atop the receiver and a rail below the handguard to accommodate optics and accessories. Magazine has a capacity of 10 rounds in 30 Super Carry – the same as the 9mm version – and can be detached by operating a thumb release.

Hi-Point's new Model 995 30 Super Carry comes in black finish with a price tag of of $359 (MSRP in the U.S.).

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