FMBPL 308: a straight-pull rifle for long range shooting from the USA

FIMS Firearms is a US company based in Oakland, in the state of New Jersey, specializing primarily in the production of M4-style semi-automatic carbines. Among the novelties that the dynamic company intends to present at the next edition of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, however, there is not a semi-automatic firearm but a bolt action rifle – a straight-pull one, for that matter.

FMBPL 308: a straight-pull rifle in different barrel lengths

The FIMS Firearms FMBPL 308 is a straight-pull rifle built around a steel bolt featuring an eight-lug rotating bolt head. Operation is accomplished by simply pulling and then pushing the bolt handle inside the light alloy receiver. The action is spring assisted, which makes operation smoother and less tiring for the shooter. All controls, including the cross bolt safety and cocking handle, are ambidextrous.

The appearance of the FMBPL 308 is decidedly “tacticool”, with an M4-style pistol grip and a receiver consisting of an upper and lower assembly. Disassembly and routine cleaning can be done without any tools. The upper receiver has a built-in channel that allows the storage of a cleaning tool and ramrod. On the upper's top there is a long Picatinny rail for the mounting optics, while on the handguard at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock we find MLok slots that allows the attachment of accessories.

The rifle is available with 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch barrel lengths, corresponding to 41, 46, 51, 56 and 61 centimeters respectively, and the overall length of the rifle ranges from 26”/66 to 34”/86.5 centimeters.  The rifle's accuracy is guaranteed to be below 1 MOA with selected cartridges, and the operational life of the button rifled, chrome lined barrel is 10,000 rounds. The muzzle is 5/8 - 24 threaded so that muzzle brakes or suppressors can be mounted.

For the moment the FMBPL 308 rifle is chambered in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmor only, but it is not excluded that other calibers will be added to the list.

The FMBPL is a precision bullpup rifle with an extremely adjustable and crisp trigger. In can be adjusted to function as a single- or two-stage trigger. Pull weight and travel are adjustable too. Pull weight is adjustable between 24 oz/680 and 95 oz/2700 grams. The trigger pads can also be changed. The weight of the rifle obviously varies depending on the length of the barrel, ranging from 7 lb/3200 grams to about 7.9 lb/3600 grams. Retail price will be revealed during the SHOT Show 2022.

Stay tuned for all the new products coming from the US!

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