New at SHOT Show 2022: CAA's ergonomically designed Agada rifle. Here come the first details

The Agada concept study was on display in Las Vegas as a mockup, i.e. only as a non-functional design study. It is a gas-blowback operated rifle with folding length-adjustable buttstock and height-adjustable cheek piece, as well as M-Lok handguard with Picatinny rails on the top and bottom. The two angled grips attached to the sides surely appear to be the most striking details.

CAA Agada von rechts
The unusual hand grip on the right side of the CAA Agada contains the trigger and one of the safeties. The left hand on the front grip pulls the rifle against the shoulder – this is to allow for a more natural posture of the shooter when firing. The buttstock can be side folded.
The handle of the CAA Agada in detail – here for right-handed shooters. It is intended to allow a more relaxed posture when firing.
Screenshot from the video: CAA CEO Mikey Hartmann demonstrates the ergonomic aiming position made possible by the Agada.

Depending on the left- or right-handed variant, the grip located on the left or right side of the weapon at the rear, on the side of the action contains the trigger. Trigger pull weight is around 1.1 kg, and the trigger is pulled downward. The Agada will initially be available in 9mm Luger, and later in 10mm Auto. The Agada uses GLOCK magazines. In addition to a 16" rifle, two different short versions with 10" barrels are also to come.

The design of the CAA Agada follows ergonomics instead of old rules

The left-hand side of the CAA Agada: the hand grip, which is tilted forward for the non-shooting hand, can be used to safely stabilize the rifle.

The unusual design of the Agada is the brainchild of CAA USA CEO Mikey Hartmann, who also explains the new system in the video above. His design incorporated his experience from 22 years of service in the Israel Defense Forces, where Hartmann holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the reserve. Among other things, he served as commander of the Israel Defense Force's Sharpshooting and Marksmanship school and was also instrumental in writing its tactical shooting doctrine.

CAA USA (click here to visit the company's website) is best known for its Micro Conversion Kits (MCK) systems. These take common pistols and help the shooter to achieve more precise hit results at longer ranges. We're excited to see what comes of this concept. In any case, we found it quite exciting.          

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