On October 19, 2021 - Beretta is presenting the new hunting rifle BRX1 in an Online Event. Register here to participate!

After amazing the world with its revolutionary Ultralight over-and-under shotgun, presented to the public last May, Pietro Beretta seems not willing to rest for a single day and announces the imminent presentation of a new hunting gun, or rather what seems to be the progenitor of a new line of guns. For the moment, everything is shrouded in secrecy.  

Beretta, a 500-year history that doesn't stop for a moment

The new Beretta gun will be introduced during a live event on the web that will take place from 6.30 p.m. on October 19, 2021. In order to attend the presentation, which will be in English, you have to register in advance through this web page.

Judging from what the registration page promises, Beretta is ready to write a completely new chapter in the company's nearly 500-year history, entering a new and unprecedented path. All we can tell you is that the claim of the new product is: “Fast, accurate and reliable!” It's true that this definition could be applied to any Beretta gun, but... who knows? The only clue we can give you is that by registering you will receive a confirmation message that contains some more information about the type of gun and its action system...
All you have to do is register for the event and... see you on Tuesday, October 19th on the web. Welcome to world premiere of an amazing new and affordable hunting rifle! As we could see in the registration the name of the new model is BRX1. Stay tuned.

Further information about the firearm of the Italian manufacturer can be found on the Beretta website

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