SIG's Next Generation Weapons are already here!

SIG Sauer  Inc. announced the official award of a contract by the U.S. Army in the down-select process for the Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW), which consists of the rifle (NGSW-R) and the squad weapon-automatic rifle (NGSW-AR) that from 2022-2023 will replace the M4 carbine and the M249 SAW respectively. Just a few days ago, the US Army had selected three firms to advance to the next phase of testing: General Dynamics-OTS Inc., AAI Corporation Textron Systems and SIG Sauer Inc. The three companies have to deliver prototypes of both the automatic rifle and rifle versions of the NGSW, as well as hundreds of thousands of rounds of special 6.8mm ammunition common to both weapons. Now, SIG unveils its NGSW prototypes.

SIG's NGSW submissions

5.56mm M4 carbine
The 6.8 NGSW-Rifle is meant to replace the 5.56mm M4 carbine (seen here) in the US Army.

The award encompasses the complete SIG Sauer system consisting of 6.8mm hybrid ammunition, a lightweight machine gun, rifle, and included suppressors.  “At the core of our submission is our newly developed, high-pressure, 6.8mm hybrid ammunition that is utilized in both weapons, and is a significant leap forward in ammunition innovation,  design, and manufacturing,” says Ron Cohen, President & CEO, SIG Sauer, Inc.   

The SIG SAUER NGSW-AR submission is an ultra-light, medium caliber machine gun with AR ergonomics. Features include quick detach magazines, side opening feed tray, increased available 1913 rail space for night vision and enablers, folding buttstock, and suppressor. 

The SIG SAUER NGSW-Rifle submission, also chambered in 6.8mm hybrid, is lightweight and features a free-floating reinforced M-LOK handguard, side-charging handle, full ambidextrous controls, folding buttstock, and suppressor. 

SIG's 6.8mm hybrid ammunition is designed for increased penetration at greater distances.  According to Cohen, “using patent-pending technology the SIG Sauer Ammunition division has engineered a completely new cartridge resulting in a more compact round, with increased velocity and accuracy, while delivering a substantial reduction in the weight of the ammunition.” The final component of the SIG SAUER Next  Generation Weapons System is a suppressor designed to reduce harmful backflow and signature. 

For more information please visit SIG Sauer website.