Walther wins the tender for the German Army's "Special Forces Pistol System" with its PDP model – Pistols are introduced as P14 and P14K

On February 1, 2023, the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) published the conditions of participation relating to the tender for the seven-year framework contract for the manufacture and supply of the "Special Forces Pistol System". The system is intended to replace the P30 pistols from Heckler & Koch and P9A1 from GLOCK currently in use.

Walther supplies the new P14 and P14K pistols for the special forces of the German Armed Forces

The Ulm-based gun manufacturer Carl Walther GmbH has now announced that the Bundeswehr has opted for the Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) variants optimised by the company for military use. In addition to the members of the German KSK (Special Forces Command) and the combat swimmers of the KSM (Naval Special Forces Command), specialised forces of the military police are also to be equipped with the pistols introduced into the Bundeswehr under the designation "P14" and "P14K". The P14 is the model designated as the basic gun in the invitation to tender, while the P14K was listed there as a compact weapon.

Bernhard Knöbel, Managing Director of Carl Walther GmbH, comments on winning the tender: "We are very proud that the Bundeswehr has decided in favour of our PDP variant. It is a personal concern of ours to equip our soldiers who risk their lives for Germany in extreme operational situations  in the best possible way."

This compact variant of the Walther PDP will soon be in service with the special forces of the German Armed Forces as the P14K pistol.

According to the tender, the contract covers the procurement of up to 3,200 units of the basic gun including accessories and up to 3,300 units of the compact gun including accessories. In addition, there will be up to 820 training guns for the basic weapon and up to 1,180 training guns for the compact weapon, each including accessories. In addition, up to 430 so-called "handling trainers" are also to be supplied. These are non-functional, non-live fire dummies, so-called "blue" or "red guns"  which are used, for example, to practise safe handling procedures or for close combat training. In addition, there are various supplementary units for both basic and compact guns and also for the corresponding training guns and handling trainers, as well as special tool sets, spare parts packages and services.

With the tender for the special forces service pistol system, Carl Walther wins the second tender in the military and LE sector within a few months with a Walther PDP

Just a few months ago, the U.S.-based subsidiary Walther Arms Inc. of the German firearms manufacturer was able to announce that it had won the tender to equip the Pennsylvania State Police, which has around 4,500 uniformed police officers, with a polymer version of the PDP.

Further information on the manufacturer of the new P14 and P14K service pistols for the German Armed Forces and the civilian versions of the PDP can be found on the Carl Walther website.

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