Introducing the all-new Walther PD380, the .380 companion for everyday carry

The general design and details are clearly carried over from the “big brother”, the PDP service pistol. But the newly introduced Walther PD380 is indeed a completely different beast. Not just for the caliber – .380 ACP instead of 9mm – and the compact size, but also because the PD380 goes against current trends in EDC guns being a hammer-fired pistol while most of its competitors are striker-fired.

The Walther PD380 is designed with everyday carry in mind being compact, easy to carry and use, and with low recoil.
The new Walther PD380 features the SuperTerrain slide serrations and the Performance Duty grip texture. The slide-mounted safety/decocker and the paddle magazine release are both ambidextrous. 

In such a small package the .380 cartridge certainly guarantees lower recoil, as the manufacturer duly points out. The single stack 9-round magazine also allows to have a small width and overall footprint. This, together with a weight of 20.6 oz/584 g (without magazine) makes the Walther PD380 an ideal carry gun.

The most interesting feature in our opinion is Walther's signature double-action/single-action trigger: the system is ideal for firing rapid follow-up shots and offers the option to carry with the hammer down, besides immediate second strike capability in case of faulty ammo.

Video: Walther PD380

Walther PD380, the EDC option for both experienced and new shooters

The Walther PD380 is hammer-fired, with a
double-action/single-action trigger system.

“With every shot the Walther PD380 will become your new favorite EDC option granting you an experience free from concerns of managing high-recoil, and ensuring each moment on the range or in the field is an absolute pleasure. The Walther PD380 is your ideal companion for everyday carry,” is Walther's promise. The effortless-to-rack slide features front and rear SuperTerrain serrations with their uniquely designed protruding serrations, for quicker and more responsive hands-on manipulation. Barrel length is 3.7″/94 mm. The Performance Duty grip texture (already found on the PDP pistol series) provides a secure hold for full control with a tetrahedral design to enhance your shooting proficiency while also being comfortable enough to carry against your body.

Controls include an ambidextrous slide-mounted safety/decocker, so that you can confidently engage or disengage the safety mechanism using either hand and decock the gun without the risk of hitting the firing pin. The paddle magazine release is ambidextrous too, enabling smooth and efficient magazine changes for continuous shooting. Price is pretty gentle on your wallet: the new .380 ACP Walther PD380 with two 9-round magazines included can be yours for $449.00.

Walther PD380 specs and price (currently: U.S.-market only)


.380 ACP

9+1 rounds
Barrel Length: 
3.7″/94 mm
Overall Length: 
6.48″/164 mm
Sight Radius: 
6.43”/163 mm
1.5″/38 mm
5.15″/130 mm
Weight (with empty magazine): 
20.6 oz/584 g
Price (MSRP in the U.S.):