Range test: 9mm UTAS UT9-M Mini, from Turkey a compact and handy PCC

The UT9-M Mini system is based on the AR15 layout, which certainly helps those familiar with such type of firearms. On the other hand, it uses Glock pistol compatible magazines, which are easily available on the market.

Technical specifications of the UTAS UT9-M Mini

The rail on the front bottom allows multiple accessories to be mounted. Note the cuts in the aluminum barrel shroud that allows the barrel to be seen.

The UTAS UT9-M is chambered in 9x19 caliber (also called 9 Luger, or 9 Para) and has a blowback closed-bolt action, with a semi-automatic firing mode. One of the special features that immediately stands out about this gun is the open front design, which actually allows you to see the bolt motion.

The UTAS UT9-M Mini is almost entirely made of metal, is very easy to use, and has excellent finishing. At the front of the barrel shroud, lightening cuts allow a glimpse of the barrel itself.

The 9mm UT9-M Mini in our test featured a 6”/155 mm long barrel with six RH grooves with a compact removable three-port flash hider that is also squarely shaped like almost the entire gun's design. The barrel is certified for a minimum operational life of 15,000 rounds.

The 18-round magazine is compatible with Glock pistols. Also featured are the Nord Arms' two-position safety selector and grip.

Overall, this is a very compact gun indeed, with the stock perhaps possibly being far too short, especially for some shooters's body types. The stock is made entirely of metal and can be folded on the right side. It is easy to operate; just press it down to release the retention system and you can fold it. However, the platform can be accessorized with all type telescopic stocks compatible with the M4 carbine.

The UTAS UT9-M Mini uses Glock and Glock-compatible magazines; we used an 18-round magazine. The magazine well is correctly designed and there is no play when the magazine is inserted.

A detail on the folding stock detent system. Pressing down the stock allows the latter to be folded on the right side.

The magazine release button is an oversized type, but it is located on the right side only, while the bolt catch is on the left side. However, the gun is also easy to use for left-handed shooters. The selector switch acts as a manual safety, is ambidextrous and has two positions: fire and safe. If the gun is not cocked, the safety will not engage. However, the control is easily accessible and usable.

The cocking handle is the classic T-shaped type, positioned on the upper receiver behind the long Picatinny rail that allows the mounting of flip-up type metal sights. A second, shorter rail is on the front-bottom section where various accessories can be installed.

The UTAS UT9-M Mini in 9x19 cal. comes in a handy padded case.

The gun has a beautiful and comfortable polymer pistol grip manufactured in Estonia by Nord Arms, a young company founded by two shooting champions. Retaining pins and small parts are made of stainless steel. Field stripping is simple and is the same as all ARs.

Factory sights are polymer flip-up type, elevation- and windage-adjustable: we have a peep sight and a front sight protected by two sturdy ears. A Blau Optik red dot with automatic switch-on was fitted on the test gun.

This PCC is intended for sporting as well as professional and law enforcement use; and for those who can legally carry it, of course, there is even a version with full-auto selector with a fire rate of 800-900 rounds per minute.

Test-firing the UTAS UT9-M Mini

Grouping achieved at the distance of 25 meters with Fiocchi factory cartridges.

For the fire-test we used Fiocchi 9mm 124-gr Top Target Line Training ammo. The UTAS UT9-M Mini worked perfectly without jamming even when loading fully-loaded magazines with a chambered round. Recoil is practically nonexistent, even in quick firing, groups are very tight, and muzzle rise is imperceptible.

We went further and did more tests with different ammo types. We saw that the only cartridges that caused some misfeed on the chamber ramp were those with a total length (OAL) of 27.6 mm, while commercial ammunition with an OAL of 29.4 had no problem. The tip that can make a difference therefore applies to reloaders, and I would recommend not to seat the bullet too far down into the case.

Video: UTAS UT9-M Mini in 9x19 mm cal.

UTAS UT9-M: our conclusions

Overall the gun is well made, versatile and easy to handle, and the value for money is excellent. The pistol caliber it is chambered for also makes it particularly attractive for sporting use. 

The bolt catch is located on the right side of the housing.

UTAS UT9-M specs

UTAS, Turkey
Semi-automatic, closed-bolt blowback
Barrel Length:
6”/155 mm
Skeletonized and folding; Nord Arms pistol grip
Uses Glock magazines
Lever-operated on the receiver, two-position AR-style
Overall Length:
535 mm
2,418 g 
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