New P-10 pistol models from CZ

Three new versions to CZ's P-10 pistol line: namely, the P-10 F, the P-10 SC and the P-10 C OR models, all chambered in 9x19mm (9 Luger). The Czech manufacturer introduced its P-10 C polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol in 2017. The gun achieved “Handgun of the Year 2017” title by the prestigious American magazine Guns & Ammo and we at all4shooters already talked about it back then here: "New CZ P-10 C striker fired pistol".

Actually, the P-10 C was a “compact” model: it may seem a strange way to start a new pistol series. CZ explains the reason why they chose to follow that path: “The reason why the compact C model was the first model from the CZ P-10 series to have been introduced to the market is clear – guns of this type have been bestsellers for a long time.” “However – they continue – a considerable number of customers prefer as secure a grip as possible to the small dimensions. In many cases, a longer barrel is also preferable, which goes hand in hand with a longer sight line and a large number of rounds in the magazine.”

New P-10 pistol models from CZ
The new CZ P-10 F is a full-sized 9mm pistol with a magazine capacity of 19 rounds.

Here comes the new P-10 F model, which is a full-size pistol with an overall length of 203 mm, a height of 150 mm and a barrel length of 4.5 in/114 mm, plus an impressive magazine capacity of 19 rounds in 9x19mm. Weight is just 0.8 kg when empty.

The other two new versions, the P-10 SC and the P-10 C OR, are a semi-compact gun and a optics-ready model respectively.

CZ P-10: full size, semi-compact and optics-ready versions

The P-10 SC (semi-compact) couples a compact frame with full length barrel and slide, allowing for comfortable carrying without sacrificing power and accuracy. While the overall length is in fact the same of the F model (203 mm) overall height is just 132 mm.

New P-10 pistol models from CZ
The P-10 C OR is an optics-ready version. (Optics are not included.)

As for the P-10 C OR, that had been already presented some months ago, it's a factory modified pistol “for the easy and highly stable mounting of modern compact collimator sights from many popular brands (e.g. Trijicon, Vortex, Meopta, Leupold, etc.)." The guys at CZ ensure that they managed to perfectly match the shape of the mounting plates with the design of the gun, “thus achieving an exceptionally low position for the collimator sight without compromising the safety and reliability of the weapon”

According to CZ, the main advantages of the CZ Optics Ready pistols include: exceptional robustness, strength and durability of the mount; low mount height; easy sighting of the collimator sight even at longer distances; option to use raised co-witness mechanical sights in case of any failures of the optics; compatibility with many popular collimator sights.

All P-10 series pistol feature a striker block (drop safety), a trigger bar safety and a trigger safety.

The new CZ P-10 pistols at present are not available in the US but on the European market only.