A “gentlemen's carry gun”: new SIG Sauer P210 Carry

When gun enthusiasts hear about a SIG P210 they usually think of a very high-end military pistol or a pretty expensive collector's firearm. 

The SIG P210 Carry
The SIG P210 Carry features an alloy frame and stainless-steel slide, with Nitron finish.

Until now: SIG Sauer has just dropped the P210 Carry, the carry – we bet you already guessed that – iteration of the appreciated and iconic pistol. In the words of Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. 

“The SIG P210 is regarded as one of the most legendary, reliable, and accurate firearms in the world; the P210 Carry pays homage to the foundational craftsmanship of its forerunner while maintaining the features, weight, and balance of an ideal carry pistol.”

Video: Sig Sauer P210 Carry

SIG Sauer P210 Carry, classic design and modern features

The slim low-profile black Hogue G10 grips
The slim low-profile black Hogue G10 grips enhance comfort and provide a safe purchase.

Chambered in 9mm caliber, the P210 Carry does not come totally unexpected. As Phil Strader, SIG's Pistol Product Manager, confirms in the video above, already a couple of years ago they had been introducing the concept of a modern carry version of the venerable P210. Well, here it is finally – better late than never. In case you wonder, the new gun is not a classic P210 with just some adaptations or cosmetic changes. The P210 Carry actually takes the seventy-odd years old design and adapts it to a new intended use introducing significant changes. First of all, it features a lighter alloy frame and a shortened slide (barrel is 4.1 in/104 mm long, instead of the 4.7”/120 mm of military P210s), together with slim low-profile grips with wrap-around checkering for a safe purchase.

The pistol grip
The pistol grip features a wrap-around checkering that includes the front strap.

The general lines and the stylistic/functional details of its illustrious ancestor are there though, starting from hallmark P210's signature reverse rail design up to the small “hump” on the back of the slide and the large crescent moon pivoting trigger. 

Also, the P210 Carry is a hammer fired, single-action-only pistol just like the original. New additions are the front slide serrations, the Nitron finish, and the black Hogue G10 grips, for a more aggressive and modern look. 

The SigLite night sights are another improvement to meet the expectations of today's users. The slide is stainless steel. The P210 Carry has a thumb safety and ships with two eight-round single stack magazines: not an amazing firepower, but this makes the gun slimmer.

The SIG P210 Carry with SigLite night sights
The SIG P210 Carry is fitted with SigLite night sights out of the box.

At SIG Sauer they say that the new pistol “combines the historic lineage of its iconic Swiss predecessor with the ideal characteristics and necessities the modern consumer expects in a carry pistol while “paying homage to the foundational craftsmanship of its forerunner” and “maintaining the features, weight, and balance of an ideal carry pistol”

We are looking forward to checking for ourselves if it's true – the premises are all there. 

P210 Carry specs and price



Overall Length: 
7.75”/197 mm
Overall Height: 

5.63”/143 mm

Overall Width: 

1.44”/36 mm

Barrel Length: 

4.1”/104 mm

Sight Radius: 
5.6”/142 mm
Weight (w/magazine): 
29 oz/822 g