The RTF2 Glocks are back

Sometimes they come back. Glock has just announced that “for a limited time, the G17, G19 and G22 Gen3 are now available with RTF2 grips. The G17 and G22 offer the choice between standard or scalloped serrations on the rear slide, while the 19 will only be available with standard serrations”. 

The Glock pistols with RTF2 – i.e. the “Rough Texture Finish, Version 2”- grips were introduced in 2009. The guns were basically Gen3 pistols whose grips had a much higher level of texture than the standard RTF – the reason why they were soon nicknamed “the cheese-graters”. The slide was different too, since scalloped cutouts replaced the usual slide serrations. Also these cutouts almost instantly received a nickname as “fish gills”. Lastly, the entire lower frame grip surface area was stippled in fine, non-skid lines. 

The RTF2 models received mixed reactions: some loved them, but many disliked their “abrasive” feel on hands and clothes. That’s why the Gen4 Glocks discarded these features.  For those who loved them anyway, Glock is now bringing back the RTF2 models, even if only limited quantities will be available. Glock even highlights that “the scalloped serration version is California compliant”.