Brand new: GLOCK 43X MOS and GLOCK 48 MOS – Factory available with Shield Sights RMSc red dot sights

For the first time, GLOCK pistols complete with reflex mini sights in the form of the British Shield Sights RMSc are available directly from the factory. This makes the high-volume manufacturer almost a trendsetter, because sub-compact and compact pistols with mounted Mini Red Dot Sights (MRDS) are a booming market segment in which only small custom and tuning specialists have been active so far.

 GLOCK G48 MOS and G43X MOS with and without MRDS 
Sights of choice (from left): GLOCK G48 MOS and G43X MOS with MRDS as well as with iron factory sights.

To the point: RMSc available factory mounted

The GLOCK G43X MOS is of course ideal for everyday concealed carry due to its weight and minimal size.

The choice of the Reflex Mini Sight Compact (RMSc) from the English manufacturer Shield Sights is another proof of professional competence, as this sight sits extremely low above the slide and even allows standard sights to be used as a back-up. This "co-witness" principle is essential in practical use as a defensive firearm. Even in case of a technical failure of the MRDS, the GLOCK 43X MOS or 48 MOS can still operate in extreme situations with their iron sights. The Shield RMSc with its minimal size of 1.61 x 0.9 x 8.85 in (41 x 23 x 22.5 millimeters – length x width x height) weighs only 0.677 oz/19.2 grams in operational condition with the battery inserted. The brightness of the 4 MOA red dot automatically adapts to ambient light and is also compatible with night vision technology at the lowest settings. Especially on compact pistols with short sight radius, an MRDS can show its advantages, because clean hits at ranges from 15 meters upwards and/or on small/difficult targets are much easier. In contrast to the classic iron sight, the shooter does not have to visually adjust the three planes of focus (target, rear sight and front sight) but only the two planes of the red dot and target. 

The compact black ones: GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 in detail 

The dimensions of the GLOCK G48 MOS are similar to a GLOCK 19, but it is about 4 mm flatter and thus also made for discreet carrying.

While the G43X and G48 slimline pistols came on the market with silver-colored slides, the new MOS versions are again completely black, which at least corresponds more to the author's taste. In addition, depending on light conditions, a completely matte black pistol does not produce any reflections, which is a not negligible advantage in practice. The slide of the G43X MOS and G48 MOS models is nDLC coated. This is a carbon-based plasma coating that allows extremely high hardnesses of up to 3000 HV (Vickers hardness) to be achieved. For comparison, the Tenifer treatment used so far achieves hardnesses of up to about 1500 HV. In addition, temperature stability and tribological properties (frictional conditions) are also improved, especially in dry, non-lubricated condition.

Brand new: GLOCK 43X MOS and GLOCK 48 MOS – Factory available with Shield Sights RMSc red dot sights
Typical features of the new additions are the front serrations and the narrow mounting rail on the dust cover for additional equipment such as a gun light or light/laser.

The front cocking serrations are also effective, because the rear serrations may be more difficult to handle due to the mounted MRDS. The GLOCK MOS variants are of course technically identical to the already known  fifth generation G43X and G48 models: narrow grips with ergonomic beavertail and narrow mounting rail for gun light/light-laser on the dust cover, single-stack magazines with a capacity for 10 cartridges, 3.3”/84 mm (G43X) or 4.09”/104 mm (G48) Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB), improved Safe Action trigger, large-surface magazine button that can we swapped for left-handed users.

How much the two new MOS models cost

The GLOCK G43X MOS costs 748 euro and with factory mounted Shield RMSc mini red dot sight the combo price amounts to 1093 euro. The GLOCK 48 MOS costs 771 euro and the combo with Shield RMSc costs 1116 euro (prices may vary in your country).

Brand new: GLOCK 43X MOS and GLOCK 48 MOS – Factory available with Shield Sights RMSc red dot sights
G43X MOS with covered slide milling and with MRDS mounted.
G48 MOS with covered slide milling and with MRDS mounted
G48 MOS with covered slide milling and with MRDS mounted. 

Further information about the new G43X and G48 MOS models can be found on the GLOCK website and soon here.

Our tests and videos of the GLOCK 43X and 48 without MOS can be found here.

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