Full Conceal “folding guns”

Sometimes you need not only creativity but also a bit of fancy, together with a lot of ingenuity, to impress the somewhat conservative world of firearms. With its 9mm M1 and M3 “folding guns” a Las Vegas-based company aptly named “Full Conceal” proves this point. The idea is to reduce a SIG Sauer P320 Compact and a Glock 19 to the natural footprint of a cellphone - albeit a pretty large one. They basically do so chopping down the grip frame, and using the magazine itself as a substitute for the missing part of the grip. Images explain the concept better than words. 

The folding design reduces the handgun height to just 3,6” (91 mm). Slides are standard and are not affected by modifications, so the sight radius is the same of traditional models. The M1 (based on the SIG Sauer P320 Compact) has a magazine carrier in the front that holds a spare magazine, while the M3 (based on a Glock 19) uses a 21-round Magpul magazine and sports a folding trigger guard. The latter design, when the M3 is folded, physically prevents the trigger bar from moving and engaging the trigger sear.  This additional safety was engineered to give confidence in carrying a loaded round in the chamber.

Full Conceal M1 and M3: how to “fold” SIGs and Glocks

The Full Conceal M3G19 (9mm) unfolded.
The Full Conceal M3G19 (9mm) unfolded. In this configuration, the gun has 21 rounds of 9mm plus one in the chamber.

On the M1 the spare magazine in the carrier situated in front of the trigger guard entails a further advantage, providing additional weight that helps reduce muzzle flip. All working internals of the pistol are still the original brand factory. Short magazines are made so that one can fit flush in the grip with one in chamber (ready to fire) and the other can be stored as a spare. A grip extender is included to restore the grip to it's full size, when you do not need to conceal.

In the M3 Configuration all other working internals of the pistol are still original brand factory, too. But in this version a large capacity magazine can be stored along the entire length of the slide, while allowing quick deployment of the pistol with one swift motion. The folding hinges and folding trigger are Full Conceal's proprietary.

The good thing is that instead of a “pocket gun” with few rounds, with these folding weapons you'll have at your disposal a “big gun” with 9 rounds of 9mm plus one in the chamber and a spare magazine in the case of the SIG P320, and 21 rounds plus one in the chamber in the case of the Glock. 

Are these folding guns really practical? 

The Full Conceal M1 (Sig P320 Compact in 9mm) folded. 
The Full Conceal M1 (Sig P320 Compact in 9mm) folded. The magazine carrier in the front carries a spare magazine.

We'll let you judge for yourselves. We must admit that the first time we saw these contraptions with their hinges and unusual deployment motions we were somewhat skeptical. We thought they were more an exercise in style than an effective solution for concealed carry. Yet, seeing them in action, the unfolding motions seems to be smooth and fairly quick, and the reduction in size when folded is significant.

The Company has announced that they will introduce the Glock 19 in M1 Configuration (i.e. with front magazine carrier) and the subcompact, single stack 9mm Glock 43 in M3 Configuration (with folding trigger guard). Full Conceal also produces holsters for their products.

Price is 1.399.00, equal to roughly 1188 euro, for both the M1 SIG Sauer P320 (with 2 9-round magazines) and the M3 Glock 19 (with one 21-round Magpul magazine). But you can also buy just the folding lowers at 899,00 USD (764 euro) for the SIG and 999,00 USD (848 euro) for the Glock and convert your existing guns.

For more information please visit Full Conceal website