9mm Avidity Arms PD10, a "full size" against the trend

We already talked several times about the phenomenon referred to as "convergent evolution", which in the field of technology means that all tools that perform a similar task tend to resemble each other. If we combine convergent evolution with marketing push, then the line separating the top ten best-selling carry guns in the U.S., just to offer an example, is increasingly blurred.

Right now, the U.S. market is literally flooded with semi-automatic striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols with double-stack magazines. If they are also optics ready, all the better. In addition to the so-called full size, i.e. large pistols with 4/5-inch (10 cm or more) barrels, their compact or sub-compact versions, which are definitely more suitable for concealed carry and female users, are also popular.

Avidity Arms PD10, the slim "full size" in 9x19 caliber

A view of the frame of the Avidity PD10 reveals its neat interiors and especially its reduced width. The magazine is in fact single-stack.

One of the eternal topics of clash and debate in the field of service and self-defense pistols relates precisely to magazine capacity. On the one hand, there is the faction of those who think that the rounds in the magazine of a semi-automatic pistol are never enough, on the other hand there are those who argue that a twenty-round magazine is only useful for those who can't really shoot accurately. It is not for us to say who is right, at least here and today. What we can tell you is that there are gun manufacturers who are swimming against the tide, and the Avidity Arms PD10 we are presenting on this page is proof of that. In fact, it is a semi-automatic pistol perfectly aligned with the fashion of the moment, yet featuring a slim frame and a single-stack magazine with a capacity of "just" 10+1 rounds in 9x19 (9 Luger) caliber. 

The slide of the PD10 seen from above. The iron sights are adjustable, plus it can mount a red dot sight with Holosun 507K/Shield RMSc footprint.

But let's take a step back and review the brief history of the company: Avidity Arms was founded by defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus and entrepreneur Micheal Sodini in 2013. The PD10 pistol project in its first version was born in 2014. After a couple of stops and goes, the company was eventually relocated to Florida, and in 2019, Chuck Usina joined the ownership. 

The three of them were joined by Joe Worley in 2022, and the company moved back to Fletcher, North Carolina, where the PD10 project finally took off and the first production examples were unveiled to the public at the 2023 SHOT Show.  According to Rob Pincus, "The perfect gun provides ease of carry and use, and reliability. Most guns make compromises that sacrifice at least one of these three aspects, but not the PD10. I think we have managed to balance the tradeoffs in the best way possible for most people.

The fact that the gun uses a single-stack frame is not a problem, since according to the PD10's designers, a 10+1 round capacity is more than enough to neutralize a threat, and the advantages offered by the reduced width when carrying outweigh the capacity limitations. 

Technical features of the Avidity Arms PD10

Side view of the slide with a Holosun red dot mounted. A Picatinny rail is on the dust cover.

But let's take a look at the other features of this pistol: the design is that of a classic modern striker-fired semi-automatic with a Petter-type locking system. The frame of the PD10 is made of polymer with molded-in texture that ensures a safe grip, while the cuts under the trigger guard and the backstrap allow a particularly low grip, closer to the barrel axis. On the dust cover we find the usual Picatinny rail; an examination of the controls tells us that the magazine release button is reversible, while the slide stop is on the left side only. The double takedown latch is Glock-style. 

The classic trigger with automatic safety built into the blade of the Avidity PD10. The magazine release button is reversible. 

The frame features safety "index points" on both sides where you can rest your index finger when not operating the trigger, and a claw feature on the magazine baseplate makes the magazine easier to remove. The magazine is 1911-style with a redesigned follower to provide maximum reliability and a polymer pad flush with the grip. The width of the Avidity PD10 is exactly one inch, or 2.54 mm, which is certainly good for those who choose to carry it even concealed. The weight with empty magazine is 526 grams.  The company states with a hint of pride that the Avidity PD10 is 100 percent made in the USA and has no metal parts made by investment casting.

Several specific holsters are already available for the Avidity Arms PD10. This one is manufactured by GCode. Note the single-stack magazine.

The proprietary Smooth Strike trigger system, with the safety lever integrated into the trigger blade, provides optimal control of the first shot release to avoid any snags and offers a short reset, allowing quick follow-up shots without taking the gun off the line of sight. The sights of the PD10 were also designed by Rob Pincus himself and consist of an Ameriglo Claw rear sight with a relatively large notch and a square-section front sight with tritium dot. The PD10's rear notch and front sight are dovetailed on the slide and can thus be adjusted laterally. The PD10 is "Optics Ready", i.e. it has a cut for direct mounting of Holosun 507K/Shield RMSc footprint red dots. Moving along the slide, we can see the tactile and visual loaded chamber indicator located behind the ejection port. Another against-the-tide detail of the PD10, which we do not feel like criticizing, is the absence of the now ubiquitous front slide serrations. They are not there, and that's okay. 

The barrel of the PD10 is 4 inches (10.16 cm) long and has a semi-heavy profile that helps to reduce muzzle flip.  The barrel is also available with a threaded muzzle to allow the mounting of a silencer. All metal parts are finished with an Isonite QPQ treatment for maximum corrosion resistance. 

Avidity Arms PD10 specs and price

Avidity Arms – USA (avidityarms.com)
Semi-automatic with locked breech
Price (MSRP in the U.S.)
Barrel Length
4”/101.6 mm 
Smooth Strike,
Single-stack, 10-round capacity
Adjustable notch and front, cut for red dot
Automatic on firing pin
25.4 mm
2,418 g

Avidity Arms PD10: wrap-up

With this semi-automatic pistol midway between contemporary market desires and classic U.S. pragmatism, Avidity Arms is preparing to take the field in an already crowded market sector, at least in the U.S. Certainly the company is relying not just on the gun's qualities but also on Rob Pincus's charisma, a prominent educational figure who has nine books and hundreds of DVDs dedicated to defensive shooting to his credit. To be sure, the PD10 has already stimulated the creativity of several U.S. holster manufacturers such as G Code and JM4, and this is a thermometer of the expected or actual liking of  new models. Since this is a gun specifically designed for carry, the actual availability of dedicated holsters should also be considered. The retail price in the U.S. is $599 (about the same in euros) and is in line with that of similar products, so it should not be a limitation to its diffusion. We at all4shooters, meanwhile, plan to try it out at the next SHOT Show: in the end, it won't be long now...

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