Triclops Sights, the ultimate fiber optic sighting system

One sector of the accessories industry where it seems that the games are made once and for all is that of handgun sights. While it is now clear to everyone that the current trend is all about the miniaturisation of red dot sights – which once used to be the size of a beer can and with an uncertain functioning – on the market today there some that are truly microscopic and with an almost unlimited battery life.

It can't be said that this dizzying evolution has also affected conventional sights, but this is easily understandable. The classic set consisting of rear and front sights does not offer much room for improvements other than the insertion of luminescent tritium dots or fiber optic rods. A few attempts made in the past to adapt "ghost ring" type sights to handguns were not very successful and quickly disappeared from the market.

Triclops Sights, an interesting sights set – but with some shortcomings

Triclops Sights
The combined effect of the rear and front sights on a target. The sights are designed for short range defensive shooting.

The US company Triclops offers a very unusual set of sights for pistols, consisting of a sort of metal cage inside which there are three red fiber optics rods arranged to form an equilateral triangle. The front sight is in turn fitted with a bright green fiber optic rod, so that when the gun is correctly aligned on the target, the visible image is that of a triangle.

According to the company, this aiming system is designed primarily for personal defence, where most firefights take place at ranges of between three and seven meters.

The Triclops sighting system is much more intuitive to use than a mini-reflex sight. It allows users to shoot with both eyes open and obviously does not require any kind of power supply. As for its footprint, currently products such as Leupold's Deltapoint can rival the Triclops in terms of compactness. The sturdiness of the caged metal housing that makes up the rear sight also raises some doubts as to whether it is really rugged.

Surely this is a curious product, the kind that can start a conversation. Our impression however is that it has arrived on the market out of time, especially considering the fast-paced evolution that mini-reflex sights have had in recent years in symbiosis with Optics-Ready guns. In any case, the set is available for Glock, XD and Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 pistols at a price of $159 in the USA, corresponding to about 130 euros.

Triclops Sights sighting system in video

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