AIMPOINT Micro T-2: New red dot sights

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The new AIMPOINT Micro T-2 will be here in September, while the T-1 will remain available

Since its roll-out in 2007, the AIMPOINT Micro T-1 has advanced to become the compact reflex sights of choice in law enforcement.

But what improvements does the new T-2 model have up its sleeve? A modified housing whose form provides enhanced protection to the elevation and windage knobs while also accommodating a practical hinged cap, even more rugged, internal electronics and an optical performance that has been boosted still further thanks to a new front lens and coating technology. 

The completely reengineered front lens represents the most important improvement. Combined with the enhanced surface coating, it delivers a visibly greater optical clarity to the lens system.

The brand-new AIMPOINT Micro T-2 in action

The new compact red dot sight by AIMPOINT can be fitted to almost any weapon system using the Micro T-1 mounts already available on the market, and is equally compatible with practically every generation of night vision gear around today. 

It goes without saying that the T-2 can be combined with the 3x magnifying module or the special 'Concealed Engagement Unit' (CEU) by AIMPOINT. The AIMPOINT Micro T-2 remains powered for five years using just one CR-2032 lithium battery and stays water proof to a depth of 25 m.

The new AIMPOINT Micro T-2 compact red dot sights