Extrema Ratio Police Evo

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Headquartered in the town of Prato, in Tuscany, the Extrema Ratio S.A.S. company is a premier global-level provider of professional-grade blades, knives, utility and tactical accessories sold to millions of civilians and adopted by countless Police operators, civil defense workers and military units all around the globe.

The mainstay of the Extrema Ratio booth at the 2014 edition of the EUROSATORY defense expo in Paris - nord Villepinte was the Police Evo multitool, introduced to the general public during the trade shows season of late 2013 and early 2014, and now finally showcased at a purely professional exhibition.

With a name speaking all for itself, the Extrema Ratio Police Evo model has been conceived to be carried by law enforcement officials in their everyday duty work. Although its sturdy blade is apt for tactical or defensive purposes, the Police Evo was never meant as a fighting knife; its main intended use is rescue and utility, and as a matter of fact not only is the Extrema Ratio Police Evo model apt to simplify the daily life of many operators, but will provide an edge for first responders in the event of road traffic accidents or other catastrophic events where efficiency and speedy intervention can make a difference in terms of lives lost or lives saved.

Developed by Extrema Ratio in close collaboration with the Polizia di Stato (the Italian National Police), the Police Evo multitool sports a 87mm-long, Bohler N690/58HRC stainless steel liner lock blade with a Marlin spike for easy and fast one-handed opening, and an 8cm.-long, automatically-opening seat belt cutter manufactured in the same high-strenght steel.

The machined, black anodized, corrosion-resistant aluminium scales of the Extrema Ratio Police Evo multitool are also adapted to fit a bit carrier that will turn it into a practical multitool for flat-pointed, star-pointed, Allen or Torx screw bits and many others, providing a handy alternative for field maintenance of firearms, accessories and other "tools of the trade" of law enforcement operators. Last,  but not least, the Extrema Ratio Police Evo sports an attachment point for other accessories, such as a can or bottle opener, a saw blade, a file, and so on.

The Extrema Ratio Police Evo multitool is already being distributed worldwide, and is available for private purchase or mass adoption either by civilians or by individual operators, military or law enforcement units, or civil defense organizations.