Starting point of a new collaboration: Böker Yokai tactical folding knife - designed by Alessandra de Santis

Böker is a historical, Solingen-based German knife manufacturer, whose origins are lost in time. What is certain is that the trademark with the stylized tree was already in use in the 17th century, while in about 1830 swords were made in Solingen marked by Hermann and Robert Böker. Over the years the family business grew and spread throughout the world, so much so that by the middle of the 19th century we find Hermann Böker factories in Canada, the USA and Mexico. In particular, the Latin American market was always held in high regard, with the creation of the Arbolito brand, which was very popular in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

Over time, the company has experienced ups and downs and changes in ownership, reaching the 21st century with a solid reputation in the field of sports knives and razors.

Today, Böker is a dynamic manufacturer that, like many, entrusts the design of its top knives to internationally renowned designers and knife makers, such as Allen Elishewiz, Boris Manasherov, Jesper Voxnaes, Lucas Burnley or Anders Högström to name just a few. So far, the long list of designers lacked an Italian name, and Alessandra De Santis (aka Hydra Design) – a very successful blade designer who is experiencing a moment of well-deserved fame – has taken care of that. 

The Böker Yokai folding knife in detail

Belonging to the Böker Plus line, the Yokai is a tactical folding knife featuring a modified tanto style blade, with an effective and aggressive profile, easy to control thanks to a comfortable G10 handle. The blade locking mechanism is a liner-lock system. As often happens with knives designed by Alessandra, the name is inspired by mythological or legendary creatures: the yōkai belong to Japanese folklore and are supernatural entities with multiple characteristics. They can be mischievous or evil, but also benevolent and can bring good luck.    

The D2 steel blade of the Böker Yoka
The D2 steel blade of the Böker Yokai is made and finished with care and the markings are unobtrusive.

The Böker Yokai blade in D2 steel with black finish is 95 mm long and 3.7 mm thick. The opening of the blade, which rotates smoothly on ball bearings, is lightning fast by acting on the flipper tab consisting of the guard branch with a triangular hole. 

This last detail represents a peculiarity of Alessandra De Santis' designs: The two triangular holes on the guard, together with the one of the same shape placed on the knife back, recall the three-headed Hydra logo.

The removable clip allows tip-up carrying
The removable clip allows tip-up carrying. Note the glass-breaker that protrudes from the aluminum back.
A family touch, the Böker Yokai next to the 922 Hecate Folder by We Knife
A family touch, the Böker Yokai next to the 922 Hecate Folder by We Knife, also designed by De Santis: some similarities, but also many differences.

The handle of the Yokai consists of a pair of black G10 scales with a special hexagonal texture, which provides excellent grip, placed on hidden steel liners. The size and profile of the grip have been designed to ensure maximum comfort in all conditions, even when wearing gloves.

The backspacer is made of anodized aluminum
The backspacer is made of anodized aluminum in a bright shade of red: the millings replicate the texture of the handle.

To add a touch of light to the very nocturnal aesthetics of the Yokai we find a red anodized aluminum spacer, which stands out against the matte black background of the knife. Instead of the usual knurling, the spacer features several millings that recall the trapezoidal segments of the handle scales pattern. The Böker Yokai is equipped with a glass breaker, placed directly at the end of the spacer, and with a steel clip that allows to carry it tip-up.

The Böker Yokai is sold in a very rich packaging that makes it ideal as a gift: A heavy cardboard box inside which we find the knife protected by a nice nylon case with internal compartments. If you also consider that the Yokai is guaranteed for life, its retail price of 54.95 euros is extremely affordable.

Böker Yokai knife: Technical specifications and price

Manufacturer:  Böker
Hydra Design 
Folding knife
Locking Mechanism:  Liner-lock 
Opening System: 
Flipper, ball bearings
Blade Profile: 
Tanto modified 
Blade Steel: 
G10 grips, stainless steel liners 
Blade Length: 
3.74”/95 mm
Blade Thickness: 
0.145”/3.7 mm
Total Length: 
9”/230 mm
Stainless steel, tip-up
5.18 oz/147 grams
Supplied with a nylon case
54.95 euro
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