Winchester announces its new website

A new website for Winchester. A brand licensed to Hodgdon Powder Company (that distributes gunpowder under the Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester and Goex brands), Winchester Smokeless Propellants announces new and updated features for the handloader at

The new website was built to be mobile-friendly and will automatically configure content to the user’s device. It also brings updated technology to Winchester’s website, integrating information and features from the Hodgdon and Winchester Reloading Data Center (at with product pages on

New Winchester website: info, pictures and video

“Our plan was to improve customer user functionality and integrate mobile integration in the new website,” explained Aaron Oelger, Hodgdon Powder Company Vice President of Sales & Marketing. 

“We also planned to integrate product data with our Reloading Data Center and improve our dealer locator. Ryan Chamberlain and Matt Johnson, our partners at Ruckus Group in Kansas City, did a great job understanding our website requirements and turning those requirements into a fully-functional website. We’re really proud of the new site and we think our Winchester customers will be happy with the end result as well.” 

Winchester Smokeless Propellants website
The new website offers technical information, pictures, video and other content for all Winchester powders.

Technical information, pictures, video and other content are now included for all Winchester powders, which are available in multiple container sizes and configurations.

An updated dealer locator is also available, so that customers can search for nearby dealers and current phone numbers to contact dealers for up-to-date inventories on their favorite powders.