Sports and law enforcement/military firearms manufacturer SIG Sauer is apparently not bankrupt, after all. But production in Germany is to be discontinued, the Eckernförde plant will be closed

The message from SIG Sauer in full:

"The locational disadvantages in Germany for SIG Sauer do not economically allow for manufacturing of sports and LE/military firearms in the future.

Legislation is increasingly restricting the use of sports firearms.

When awarding public contracts, both the German police and the Bundeswehr prefer a few local producers. SIG Suer is systematically excluded from tenders due to its international orientation, most of its developments originating from the USA.

Nevertheless, the shareholders have made major financial contributions to the stabilization of the company in recent years and the company has implemented drastic cost-cutting measures.

This was intended to secure the traditional company and jobs in Germany.

In addition to the existing problems, there are the current effects of the Corona crisis, which place an additional considerable economic burden on the continuation of business operations in Eckernförde"

Today, Thursday, June 4, 2020, first the Works Council and then the workforce were informed about the economic situation".

A comment from

"Broke" - as the BILD writes, isn't it? The result for the market and the loss of jobs at the German location remains the same. We are shocked and yes, we were surprised by this news. The owner, Michael Lüke, apparently no longer sees any prospects for SIG Sauer in Germany. As we have heard from well-informed circles, the plant in Eckernförde will be closed down despite internally proposed restructuring plans. It can be assumed that the plant closure could already be completed in the period September to December 2020. However, the supply of spare parts for SIG Sauer etc. will continue.

Today, a large part of the Group's European catalog products comes from Eckernförde/Germany. In addition to the complete P220 and P226 X series, this includes the P210 series, various classic P226/P229s, as well as the SSG 3000 and STR rifle lines. So the extent of the decision becomes clear!

However, since business and also government orders are booming in the USA, SIG Sauer's plant in the USA/New Hampshire is not affected by the decision to close the German plant. Numerous models – also for Europe – already come from US production. In Germany, for example, SIG Sauer's sales activities are handled by GSG Premium Brands. This would also be a good option for the future of the brand. We will see...

The effects of the current decision on SAN Swiss Arms in Neuhausen/Switzerland are now clear: none. Business in Germany is also apparently continuing until a "date not yet set", as CEO Pasquale Caputi from Switzerland has informed the media and customers in a circular letter. In addition, the Swiss company also announced that the decision in Germany was not prompted by insolvency but is an "economic or strategic decision".

How will things continue and will SIG Sauer products, at least those made in the USA, be retained? What will become of the previous models from German production? We will stay on the ball for you!

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