SIG Sauer awarded at the 2018 Industry Choice Awards (ICA)

New honors for SIG Sauer, that at the 2018 Industry Choice Awards (ICA) took home “Handgun of the Year” and “Rifle Caliber Pistol of the Year” awards. The ICA – hosted by the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY – are awarded to manufacturers based upon a comprehensive independent evaluation by industry experts for fit, form, finish, and functionality.

Shooting test with the SIG Sauer P365 9mm pistol
The SIG Sauer P365 features a special narrow-neck magazine design that allows the upper part of the grip to be perfectly contoured to fit the shooter’s thumb when fired.

As stated already SIG Sauer was awarded for its  brandnew P365 pistol (“Handgun of the Year”) and the MCX Rattler .300 Blackout (“Rifle Caliber Pistol of the Year”). What were the reasons? The SIG P365 was recognized by industry experts for its impressively small size as a 9 mm concealed carry pistol, capable of eleven or thirteen rounds, and for its comfort and feel in the hand, minimal recoil, and overall accuracy. 

SIG Sauer MCX in various models
The SIG Sauer MCX is produced in various models. The MCX Rattler is in the middle

As for the SIG Sauer MCX Rattler in .300 Blackout, it was the first time an ICA was awarded for the Rifle Caliber Pistol of the Year. The MCX Rattler, an extremely short  barreled AR-type gun, can be described as the more discrete counterpart of the MCX rifle series. It was recognized for its compact construction, manufacturing quality, and its proprietary bolt and spring system. 

SIG Sauer, the only manufacturer to earn two of the top honors at the 2018 Industry Choice Awards

SIG Sauer MCX Rattler .300 Blackout is the “Rifle Caliber Pistol of the Year” 2018
SIG Sauer was awarded the “Handgun of the Year” and “Rifle Caliber Pistol of the Year” categories with its P365 and MCX Rattler .300 Blackout

The candidtes were presented in nine categories, and SIG Sauer was the only manufacturer to earn two of the top honors.

“We are especially honored to have earned Industry Choice Awards in these two categories because we brought ground-breaking products to the marketplace for each of them. For the P365, we introduced full size capacity to an everyday carry pistol, and with the Rattler we put rifle caliber performance into a subgun size,” explains Tom Taylor, SIG's Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. Who adds: “Being recognized by our industry peers as well – we are truly thankful for this honor.”

For further information please visit SIG Sauer USA website.

Live Shooting of the SIG Sauer P365: as we noticed during our visit to the SIG Sauer Academy in our May 2018 shooting practice, the latest subcompact pistol from the manufacturer is extremely powerful.