Victrix Armaments: new rimfire long range rifles for PRS and IPRF shooting and more centerfire models

The identically constructed Venus Pro SB (Small Bore) in .22 LR differs from the centerfire version technically in the design of the bolt, barrel or trigger weight. But the handling procedures in training and match always remain the same. 

Many Victrix Armaments (VA) high tech match rifle models in popular centerfire calibers are now offered in an identical rimfire version in .22 Long Rifle. Let's start with the all-new Venus Pro in both center- and rimfire versions. This top-of-the-line 7 kg PRS model is set up in centerfire calibers such as 6XC (1-8" twist), 6.5x47 Lapua and 6.5 Creedmoor (both with either 1-7.5" or 1-8.5" twist), 6 Creedmoor (1-8") or .308 Winchester (1-10" or 1-11"). The monolithic light alloy chassis with adjustable stock and long M-LOK handguard with ARCA rail houses the action complete with 26"/660 mm long bull barrel match barrel. A fluted bolt with six symmetrical locking lugs and interchangeable bolt handle slides in the short receiver machined from a block of steel (AISI 630) with integral optics mounting rail with 20 MOA pre-tilt. The free-standing, interchangeable AR pistol grip is vertically connected to the chassis, allowing for a relaxed, fatigue-free position of the shooting hand during a long match. The adjustable direct trigger combined with a two-position safety is factory set at around 400 grams pull weight. Ammunition is fed from a metal box magazine with a capacity of ten cartridges. Of course, the small equipment details are also coherent, so the VA Venus Pro features a replaceable barricade stop on the magazine well front to protect the magazine.

The Scepter SB single-shot rimfire match rifle from Victrix Armamants comes in different barrel and twist lengths. Depending on the barrel length, it weighs between 6.3 to 6.6 kg.  

Rimfire Long Range on trend: Victrix Armament launches .22 models

VA offers a corresponding sister model in .22 Long Rifle with the Venus Pro Small Bore. The rimfire repeater for long-range shooting is offered in three barrel lengths: 22"/560 mm, 24"/610 mm and 26"/660 mm (with 1-16" twist). Depending on the length of the cold-hammer forged barrel in bull barrel contour, the rifle weight is 6.24 kg (22"), 6.44 kg (24") or 6.64 kg (26"). With the stock collapsed or extended out, length dimensions are 1,043/804 mm (22"), 1,094/855 mm (24") and 1,145/906 mm (26"). The receiver houses a particularly easy-to-remove bolt with two asymmetrical locking lugs and double extractors. In terms of other equipment, for example the light-alloy chassis, the rimfire version corresponds to the centerfire version. But of course there are decisive differences in detail, for example the direct trigger is factory adjusted to 250 grams and the optics mount rail with 20 MOA pre-tilt is screwed to the top of the receiver and can be exchanged for an optional 45 MOA rail. 

The design of the VA Gladio SB corresponds to the centerfire precision rifle from the Professional Line of the Italian manufacturer Victrix Armaments.

Given the external ballistics/trajectory curve of the small .22 L.R., this makes perfect sense. The attractive rimfire rifle is fed from a single-stack box magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges. In the accessories catalog, you will discover handguard weights for individual balancing or mounting rails for attaching additional equipment. Already well-known VA centerfire rifles are now also offered in rimfire versions, including the compact Pugio and Gladio models. The Pugio with 16"/406 mm barrel is the leading rimfire match rifle in the entire VA line-up. Like the Venus Pro, the Gladio is available in three barrel lengths: 22"/560 mm, 24"/610 mm and 26"/660 mm. The rifles match the basic technical design of the Venus Pro described above and, like their large-caliber sister models from the VA Professional Line, are available in more muted Cerakote surface finishes such as Dark Grey, Medium Flat Brown, Dark Olive Drab Green. The Gladio Small Bore is also available in a new hard anodized black finish. 

Rifles from Victrix Armament are also suitable for hand-loaded .22 LR ammo – What's interesting about that

In addition to the Venus Pro, Pugio and Gladio models, VA's new "Small Bore" line-up is currently rounded out by the Scepter single-shot bolt-action rifle with light alloy chassis with fixed stock in 24"/610 mm and 27"/686 mm barrel lengths and 1-16", 1-10" or 1-7" twist lengths. Here, the short 1-7" and 1-10" twist lengths are said to be ideal for reloaded rimfire ammunition with monolithic bullets. What? Hand-loaded .22 LR ammo doesn't even exist! But there is: specialists like the U.S. company Cutting Edge Bullets from Boise, Idaho, known for aerodynamically optimized VLD (Very Low Drag) solid bullets for Long Range/Extreme Long Range (LR/ELR) shooting, now offer primed .22 LR cases and bullets. 

Victrix Armaments' Pugio SB with 16" barrel is the most compact rimfire match rifle in the catalog.

For example, the 42-grain monolithic, lathe-turned copper CuRx bullet is designed for faster twist lengths such as 1-10" and the 32-grain CuRx bullet is designed for standard twist lengths such as 1-16" ( The identical designs of VA's rimfire and centerfire rifles make switching rifles for training (with the low-cost .22 LR ammunition) and competition (in a centerfire caliber such as 6mm Creedmoor) particularly easy and effective because handling procedures and shooting techniques can always remain the same in different firing modes. In addition, the rimfire cartridge has a particularly high learning effect in long range training due to its curved trajectory and wind drift sensitivity. We are curious to see how the required precision could also be achieved with copper bullets in the rimfire range and look forward to a first test. Especially in the rimfire range, lead as bullet material has so far been considered indispensable.

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