Discover the new all4shooters Facebook page in English language: "All4shooters_EN"

The Facebook page in English is evolving and from tonight it is getting a makeover! Over the past few years we have kept you informed about all the latest news from the world of guns, optics, ammunition and accessories through our articles, videos, tests and insights, published on this platform, on YouTube, and of course on our social channels.

Now we have decided to offer you a even better experience on Facebook as well: starting today, Friday, April 21, from 6 p.m. (CET), come and find out what's new and interesting on All4shooters_EN (exactly as you see it: capital "A", and capital "EN" with an underscore).

Please don't forget to add the new FB link to your bookmark/favorite list – or modify it if you already added it! In the next weeks we will also re-name all our international Facebook channels in all other local languages to this new naming convention. Then you can be sure to identify your favourite channel, even if you are reading a version for other markets, "translated by the system".

Thanks for following our channels and for your feedback. It's highly appreciated. And don't forget: what we are doing is communication from fans for fans. We do not sell firearms, we only deliver information.

And as always, stay tuned!

New Facebook page link: All4shooters_EN