New 300BLK FMJ Rifle Ammunition from SIG Sauer

The .300 AAC Blackout, or .300 BLK according to the SAAMI designation, is growing in popularity. That's why SIG Sauer in now adding a 125-gr 300BLK cartridge to its Elite Performance line of full metal jacket (FMJ) rifle ammunition for training. The new cartridge  has a muzzle velocity of 2145 fps.

“There is huge demand for 223 Rem and 308 Win FMJ training ammunition, and we’ve had many requests for 300BLK as well,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG Sauer Ammunition. “These premium training loads are designed to offer high-level performance at affordable prices.”

Specifically designed for training, SIG's FMJ ammunition is in fact cost-efficient and high-quality. Manufactured by SIG Sauer at its state-of-the-art ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas (USA), rounds are precision-loaded using electromechanical monitoring for geometric conformity.

SIG Sauer supersonic rounds feature a 125-gr Sierra Match King projectile for superior accuracy and minimal dispersion when suppressed. According to the manufacturer, the new load ensures “Consistent bullet weight retention with minimal velocity variations results from optimized shell case metallurgy with premium primers.” 

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