TMT Multitool Scraper, a specialized multi-tool for Black Rifle maintenance and more

The various tools that make up the Scraper multitool
The various tools that make up the Scraper multitool from Tactical Metal Tailors.

Despite the name, Tactical Metal Tailors is an all-Italian, Bologna-based company. The name, alludes to their manufacturing of accessories and tools tailored to the real needs of those who work in the security sector. TMT's offerings range from robotic targets for operational shooting training to tools for firearms maintenance and cleaning, like the one we're introducing today.

TMT Scraper, a very specialized multipurpose tool 

The kit 
The kit that comes with the Scraper.

The Scraper multipurpose tool by Tactical Metal Tailors is designed for the maintenance of rifles, PCCs and pistols and consists of several tools: an insert holder, a bolt, carrier assembly and firing pin cleaner, a tool to remove pins, another to remove dirt and grime from mechanical surfaces, and finally a tool to push a brush into the cartridge chamber of AR-15 style rifles or assault guns.

The Scraper also includes a cleaning kit that can hold rods, boresnakes, various types of copper, plastic and cotton brushes for different calibers (9, 7.62, 5.56 mm). In the kit there are also a cleaner and lubricants that together with a brush and a cloth allow you to perfectly  clean your gun, as well as a small bore reflector that, once inserted into the firearm, allows you to bring the light inside the bore and ensure that it's perfectly clean. Everything is placed inside a practical cylindrical plastic container. To learn more please visit the Tactical Metal Tailors Facebook profile.

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