SmartReloader sonic cleaners

SmartReloader SR-4235
Small as it is, the SR-4235 sonic cleaner can clean up to 500 9mm cases, 200 .223 cases or 100 pieces of .308 brass

As basically any shooter nowadays knows, sonic cleaners play an essential role on every reloading bench; they are faster and more efficient than any manual tumbler, they can operate automatically cleaning enormous quantities of empty brass in a few rows and they will quickly and efficiently get rid of even the most stubborn carbon, lead or copper fouling inside the cases, even where it tends to crust and resist, or in those small and hard-to-reach parts such as primer pockets. As technology evolved, owning an ultrasonic cleaner is no longer a pipe-dream for the Average Joe: a few bucks are enough to get your hands on a good level, cost-effective, highly efficient machine, especially since SmartReloader, the well-known Italian-Swiss brand of shooting and reloading instruments, has launched on the market a dynamic duo of budget sonic cleaners with the everyday shooter and reloader in mind, in these times of less-than-exuberant economics.

SmartReloader SR-4270
Not just for the brass: the SR-4270 sonic cleaner will effectively and harmlessly clean gun parts and even jewelry

SmartReloader's SR-4235 and SR-4270 are undoubtably some of the cheapest sonic cleaners around, with a price tag ranging respectively around 100 and 250 US$, yet they feature high manufacturing quality, extremely high performances, a removable stainless steel casket, and both can be used to clean brass, gun parts, and even jewelry, without any risk of damage. The small SR-4235 is excellent for cleaning small-caliber cases or small gun parts; with an 1.5 Quarts capacity, it will fit about 200 cases in .223 caliber or 100 pieces of .308 brass, and will get the outside and inside of any bullet case, including primer pockets, perfectly cleaned really fast. The bigger SR-4270 sports a 2.6 Quarts capacity and works great for larger quantites of cases or for large gun parts such as 1911 slides and frames. The ultrasonic cleaning action removes carbon residues with great efficiency, as it works at an 42.000 Hz ultrasonic frequency. Both are powered through a standard power cable (110V), and require no special solvent or cleaning fluid: water and kitchenware detergent will be enough for these powerhouses to ensure the best results at the lowest price in very, very little time.

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