Rino-Tac S.L.T. Emergency flare launcher

A newcomer for the 2016 edition of the HIT Show, the Rino-Tac S.r.l. company − a small manufacturer out of the town of Albignansego, in the northern Italian province of Padua − introduced its S.L.T. Emergency small-sized flare launching signal system.

Not only is the S.L.T. Emergency flare-launching pen a very compact, lightweight, and easy to use item; it is also one of the very few items of its kind to be totally free to purchase, own, carry, and use mostly everywhere in Europe. As a matter of fact, the S.L.T. Emergency flare launcher has been certified as a "Class IV" pyrotechnic device, which requires no license for purchase, possession, and carry.

Being a very small item, and furthermore an unrestricted pyro, the S.L.T. Emergency launcher may be limited in range, but unlimited in potential. It is cheap (was on sale for €35.00 at the Show) and flare spares are widely available through the Rino-Tac company; and being unrestricted to carry, it can be a life-saver under many situations: imagine being assaulted on the street; getting lost in the woods; experiencing a road collision or a hunting accident and being in need to signal for rescue; or having any kind of trouble when boating on shallow waters.

For more information visit the Rino-Tac website

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