Radar Safe & Thumb 4 Light

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The Radar S.r.l. company − headquartered in the Italian town of Fucecchio, not too far away from Florence − is a globally acknowledged manufacturer of sports shooting, defensive and service/duty purpose holsters and upholstery. Outside of the more mainstream manufacturing materials (leather, cordura, et al.) and procedures, the Radar company masters injection molding procedures and manufactures its top line tactical holsters out of a proprietary synthetic mix, dubbed Polyform and offering superior resistance to impact, scratches, environmental and chemical aggressive elements, extreme temperatures, and fire.

Radar holsters are also known for their extreme versatility and safety: the company offers a plethora of models with Level 2 and Level 3 retention features, including some proprietary and clever solutions such as the RotoLock system − an automatic safety system consisting in an external self-locking latch that keeps the gun in place and will require a combined pressure and rotation movement to open up − and the STR system, consisting in a retention screw that engages the pistol slide, close to the ejection window, to prevent any movement of the gun within the holster unless the proper release catch is appliec pressure upon.

Quality and innovation allowed Radar to secure important international contracts, even quite recently: in 2013, the British Ministry of Defence officially adopted the Radar mod.6657 "Safe + Index & Thumb" PolyForm injection-molded level 3 retention holster as an unified, joint-service issue for all the British Armed Forces, to be used with the new Glock 17 sidearm, adopted in 2013 itself to replace the ageing Browning High Power; at the same time, the Radar mod.6086 "Concealment Drop Plus" injection-molded holster has been adopted by the Dutch Police to be used for both on-duty and off-duty, concealed and open carry with the Walther P99Q-NL pistol, adopted to supersede the Walther P5.

At the 2014 edition of the EUROSATORY defence expo, from June 16th to 20th, the specialized operators gathered at the exhibition center of nord Villepinte, at the outskirts of Paris, were introduced to a brand new Radar injection-molded, PolyForm holster: the Safe & Thumb 4 Light model.

Only available for full-size and compact Glock pistols in the 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson and .357 SIG caliber range at this time (namely the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 31 and 32 pistols), Radar's Safe & Thumb 4 Light model is the world's first synthetic holster with a Level 3 retention system to have been specifically conceived to fit a handgun either with or without a gunlight, a tactical laser or a combo laser/light designator right out of the box, without any kind of adjustment, intervention or adaptation required: no screws to turn, no velcro straps to tighten or loosen, no spacers to insert or remove. Compatible with Radar's MultiLink 2 rotating disc mount, providing a quick inclination adjustment and release for replacement, the Safe & Thumb 4 Light model holster has been conceived for a peculiar carry height, halfway between a belt mount and a low-ride, which ensures comfort and easier extraction.

Not only is the new Radar holster equipped with the rotating MultiLink 2 system, and thus able to provide the user with the possibility to adjust the inclination of the holster at his or her will, allowing adaptation to changing mission requirements: it also comes with a pivoting pin fastening to the belt loop, which will allow it to move along with the user's tight without hindering his or her movements and keeping it comfortable to carry and basically out of the way when the user is seated, eg. in a patrol car or an armored vehicle.