Pro-Shot Universal Coated Rod kits

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Pro-Shot Products is a well-known, US-based manufacturer of good quality, budget-priced cleaning, maintenance and care kits for hunting, sporting, and defensive firearms. At the 2014 SHOT Show − which took place in Las Vegas in the days from January 14th to 18th − the company launched three brand new cleaning kit, all based on a revolutionary Two-Step coated rods. These full steel, micro-polished rods have a built-in contact in the surface, providing a mirror-like finish and ultimate protection while cleaning, as well as ensuring maximum barrel protection. The smooth and slick coated rod surface is chemical and heat resistant. The revolutionary two-step coating process resists pick up and embedding of fouling on the rods − the world's only coated cleaning rods with double coating, that is.

The basic entry of the series is the Universal Pistol Kit, available only in a pink-themed option, and aimed to provide what's needed for a thorough cleaning and care of handguns and revolvers from .22 to .45 in caliber. The kit offers a pink-coated 6.5" working length rod and an exclusive design pink swivel handle; a brass patch holder and a muzzle guard; five different brass-core, bronze bristle pistol brushes for .22-caliber, .38/.357, 9mm, .40/10mm and .45 bores; a heavy-duty nylon bristle bronze core brush for .38/.45 bores; a double-end Nylon utility brush; patches to fit .22 to.45 caliber bores; a sample packet of Pro-Shot Gold lubricant, and a one-step, 1oz. CLP needle oiler bottle. All accessories come with an industry standard 8/32 thread; MSRP in the United States is 37.99US$.

The Rod Box Kit − available in a Pink Coated and in a Black Coated version − provides cleaning capabilities for handguns, rifles, carbines, and shotguns ranging from .22 to 12-gauge in caliber, and is perfect for 3-Gun shooters. Each provides a set of Two-Step coated rods for an overall working lenght of 32.½-inches; a set of all-brass accessories: a patch holder for rifles and pistols .22 to .45 in caliber, a patch holder and accessories adapter for shotguns, and a muzzle guard; five different heavy duty Nylon bristle bore brushes for .22 caliber pistols and rifles, .38 to .45 bores, .30-caliber rifles, and .410 thru 12-gauge shotguns; a bottle of next-generation CLP one-step gun cleaner and lubricant; a cotton flannel cleaning patches set; a full-size swivel handle; a double-ended Nylon bristle gun brush; a sample packet of Pro-Shot Gold grease; and a silicone-treated gun cloth. Manufacturer's suggested retail price for both these kits tops 45.99US$ in the United States, and they come with industry standard 8/32 thread accessories for pistols and carbines and 5/16-27 thread accessories for shotguns.

Last, the Coyote Pouch & Coated Rods Kit − sold in a Coyote tan tactical zipper pouch, hence the name − is designed for .223/5.56mm caliber modern sporting rifles. The kit offers six Coyote-colored two-step coated rods with a combined 32.5-inches working lenght; a black swive, T-shaped aluminium handle with a chamber lock end; a double-end Nylon utility brush and a bore brush; a spear-point jag; a patch holder, a chamber brush, and a chamber mop; a 1-step needle oiler; cleaning patches and silicone-based cloths; and a sample packet of Pro-Shot Gold lubricant. Manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Coyote Puch & Coated Rods Kit in the United States is 56.99US$.

Commercial distribution for these brand new cleaning kits has already started in the United States, while they're still unavailable for export. Perspective non-US buyers can still purchase them On-Line directly through the Pro-Shot website, although they'll have to take shipping and Custom clearance fees into account.