Paul Clean

Adaptability and universality are now standards for most, if not all, of gun accessories, that are required by the market to be promptly usable on any sort of firearm, but are also something seldom seen in cleaning systems despite the fact that these, more than any accessory or add-on, are fundamental to keep a firearm up and running. Until now, no gun cleaning system or kit has actually existed that ensured total universality of use, that is, being able to fit every barrel of every gun just by changing a few components.

That is... until now. A  small/medium enterprise that goes by the name of “Innovative Development S.r.l.” headquartered in Milan, the business and financial center of Italy, has launched on the market an entirely new gun cleaning system: the Paul Clean line. By using a small number of reusable and universal accessories comprised in the Paul Clean line, shooters will now be able to ensure proper cleaning of basically any firearm with the expendable/disposable patches and cleaning products marketed by the company.

Carbon Fiber Rod
This carbon fiber rod features an epoxy wraparound jacket to minimize attrition when in use

The first and foremost element in the Paul Clean line is the Carbon Fiber Rod: an highly-tensile, extremely strong, stiff yet lightweight solid rod with a very low expansion coefficient, this is the mainstay of the Paul Clean system. Unlike conventional rods, usually made out of aluminum or stainless steel, the Paul Clean rod is entirely made of high-strength carbon fiber embedded in a binding epoxy matrix. This provides the highest stiffness-to-lightweight ratio on the market. Outstandingly strong and durable, the Paul Clean rod will endure hundreds of cleaning cycles, still remaining lightweight and rigid without provoking any kind of dangerous or harmful attrition inside the barrel.

One per each caliber: each Jag has to be used with the carbon-fiber rod for a specific range of calibers and barrels
Shotgun Jag
Smoothbore barrels are peculiar, and so must be its dedicated jag, also featuring an adapter for use with the entire Paul Clean line

The carbon fiber rod is to be used with Paul Clean's patented Jags; using them is as easy as screwing them on the threaded end of the rod itself and then applying the cleaning patch before proceeding to clean the barrel, in either the breech-to-muzzle or muzzle-to-breech direction. Once inside the bore, the Jags will provide a concentric pressure that helps the removal of fouling all through the whole barrel. Entirely machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum, they will firmly hold the patch for efficient swabbing during the entire cleaning process and will not release any kind of residue on it, so every trace of dirt the shooter will find on the patches themselves will 100% be dirt removed from the barrel. Paul Clean's jags come in different bores, each usable in a specific caliber barrel or range of barrels, while Paul Cleanʼs patches are universal with a single size for all calibers from .22 to .50 bore (conversely, all other patches available on the market come in different sizes for different calibers). A special, larger jag with a polymer jacket and an adapter has been specifically developed and is marketed for smooth-bore (shotgun) barrels.

The true center of the whole Paul Clean system: the “Rollpatches” are universal, clover-shaped peel-off dry patches that can be used in any barrel from .22 bore to .50 bore

As stated above, the Paul Clean system consists of both reusable/universal and disposable/consumable items.  The first and most important disposables of the Paul Clean line are the innovative, universal, one-size-fits-all cleaning patches.

Paul Cleanʼs “Rollpatches” can be sold in 250, 500 and 1000-pieces packs, to be peeled off from their rolled paper support

Named the Rollpatch, Paul Cleanʼs clover-shaped, dry patch comes in several package sizes (250, 500 or 1000 pieces, secured in a paper roll, hence the name). Their peculiar shape, combined with the action of the caliber-specific jag, will allow complete adherence to every part of the barrel for a uniform cleaning. The special textile the Rollpatches are made of ensures best results when used with the specific cleaning fluid; they can also be used dry for a post-cleaning treatment, which will remove any possible remaining residue of cleaning fluid and dirt from your barrel.

Copper remover
Paul Clean offers two odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive fluids to ease removal of copper, lead and carbon residues from gun barrels

The Paul Clean line also comprises two different cleaning fluids, both sold in plastic bottles.

The Lead Remover and the Copper Remover have been specifically conceived and synthesized to ensure the best cleaning results in conjunction with Paul Clean's Rollpatches, providing swift removal of even the most stubborn residues with little effort.

Both the Lead Remover (sold in a green-motived bottle) and the Copper Remover (sold in a blue-motived bottle) also feature enhanced carbon fouling dissolution and removal capabilities, to get rid of the most baneful residue known to shooters, particularly to those fond with the “Modern Sporter Rifle”, the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle platform, whose direct gas impingement working system has the well-known side effect of forcing a whole lot of fouling inside the barrel and on the bolt head.

But basically every shooter will benefit from the exceptional cleaning power of the Paul Clean Copper Remover and Lead Remover. Both fluids are odorless, non-toxic, and contain positively no trace of corrosive compounds that may have a long-time deleterious effect on the bore. Only a very small amount of fluid is enough for the Paul Clean's rollpatches to achieve full effectiveness and ensure a proper, very high-standard cleaning of any barrel, regardless of its lenght and general maintenance condition.

“ONE Small” and “ONE Shotgun”patches
Paul Clean also offers 50-packs of pre-treated patches for barrel cleaning, sealed one-by-one in plastic

Yet, users that might not want to “waste time” in the hassle of wetting their dry Rollpatches with the Copper or Lead Remover might prefer to go for the ONE patches: pre-wetted Rollpatch-type cleaning patches sold in 50-pieces aluminum tin cans, packed one-by-one in sealed, airtight plastic to prevent the cleaning moisture to loose effectiveness during the shelf life. Each ONE patch is pre-treated with an universal cleaning solution that will prove extremely effective in remove copper, lead, carbon and any other kind of fouling, even when deeply stuck or crusted in the barrel rifling. Unlike the Rollpatches, the pre-treated, wetted ONE patches exist in two variants: the “Small” patches are specific for use with the whole line of Paul Cleanʼs rifled barrel Jags, for any caliber ranging from .22 to .50; the “Shotgun” patches are instead specifically made to be used with the shotgun Jag and the proper adapter on smooth-bore barrels.

“OIL Small” and “OIL Shotgun” patches
These oiled patches, to be used after cleaning in both smooth and rifled barrels, will lubricate and protect the bore

A variant of the pre-treated, wetted ONE patches, the OIL patches also come in 50-pieces tin cans, packed one-by-one in airtight plastic to avoid any skin contact and degradation of the wetting compound. The OIL patches are soaked with both an universal cleaning fluid and lubricant oil, so to provide at the same time removal of fouling and protective treatment to any type of barrel. As with the ONE patches, the OIL patches come in “Small” version for rifled barrels and “Shotgun” version for smooth bores.

Air Hook
Paul Cleanʼs solution for airguns maintenance is a special patch with a dedicated lead Jag that will allow muzzle-to-breach cleaning

Last, but not least, the Paul Clean line also features a solution for treatment and maintenance of low-power and high-power airguns, so popular at any level from recreational shooters to olympic competitors. The AIR Hook is is the only asystem on the market today that allows safe and proper breech-to-muzzle cleaning of airgun barrels, by the use of Paul Cleanʼs Carbon Fiber Rod and a specific Jag. The use of the AIR Hook system will allow the shooter to clean his/her airgun while maintaining the muzzle protected from any damage or otherwise negative side effect, ensures maximum results and preserving the accuracy of the gun.